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Barefoot Wine and Bubbly’s Action on Under Age Drunk Driving in Ireland

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Barefoot Wine and Bubbly’s Action on Under Age Drunk Driving in Ireland

Poverty and homelessness are amongst the two main social issues that are facing Ireland. “A homeless person is considered to be someone who has no reasonable housing or lives in a hospital, institution, or homeless shelter because of lack of housing. Two types of homelessness recognized by the Irish government are: visible homelessness and hidden homelessness. Visible Homelessness is when a person is on the streets or is living in a shelter. Hidden Homelessness is temporary overcrowding of families in one home.” ( Department’s such as The Department of Health and Children, Education and Science, Social and Family Affairs, and Justice Equality and Law Reform, are working to make sure that these social issues are down and that there is a decrease in homelessness and poverty in Ireland.
Barefoot Wine and Bubbly prides itself on serving premium wines all over the world. We want to raise awareness amongst underage drunk driving in Ireland. Ireland’s current minimum drinking age is 18 and although that is a common minimum drinking age amongst other countries around the world, it also adds risk to the livelihood of young drinkers in the country. “Research shows that underage drinking is common in Ireland, as one in four 16–17 year olds claim to drink alcohol, at least once a week. In order to tackle underage drinking, the Irish drinks industry, society and those closest to children have an important role to play. For example education, the provision of alternative facilities for young people and parental responsibility are crucial.”
Barefoot Wine and Bubbly wants to take the initiative to educate high school children in the...

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