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Barn Burning Sarty Quotes

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In the middle of Faulkner’s “Barn Burning”, events occur that not only alter the way Sarty thinks, but also the way he acts. Upon arrival at Major De Spain’s, Sarty takes in the sights of the new place that he hopes they will call home. Sarty is filled with joy and peace when he realizes that the house of De Spain is “big as a courthouse” (151). The wealth and size of De Spain causes Sarty to be fooled by the thought that “they are safe from him” (151) and the dangers his father possesses. No longer does Sarty view his dad as superior to those he works for. In fact, Sarty hopes that “maybe [his dad] will feel it too” (151) and sees that there is potential that the social and economic security De Spain has can scare his father to the point that...

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