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I previously was employed at a well known national chain known as Barnes and Nobles. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Barnes and Nobles it is a local book store in my local neighborhood. To me this chain is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest book sellers especially since there main competition, Borders has closed down. The customers who come into our store have certain expectations and needs that they all expect to be fulfilled. The customers expect the staff to be knowledgeable, helpful, detailed, clean, and organized. There are many other customers who expect the employees to have a wide knowledge on the products they sell.
Now based on my personal experience, Barnes and Noble used a modified Windows type operating system commonly referred to as Book Master. This operating system is used to organize, maintain, and categorize Barnes and Nobles entire inventory. This system also allows the employees to search for books in the database as well as if the book is in any other store if our store is sold out. “In addition the staff is able to place orders for customers and we are able to provide lots of other useful information based on the customers inquiries” (Barnes and Noble, 2012).
Barnes and Noble maintain a large system of managers throughout the company. Even the lowliest employees were introduced to the higher ups within the company which does not happen very often in many businesses. Every employee was given a detailed work book regarding our roles within the corporation. We were all also instructed on how we could achieve our own goals as well as the goals of our employer.
At Barnes and Noble every employee worked together as a team. We all showed respect to one another and to all of our managers. We respected every customer and followed that the customer is always right. Our supervisors were usually fair with all their employees.
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