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Baseball Players and Using Performance Enhancing Drugs
In the recent years the use of steroids in professional sports has become widespread, and major league baseball is more than any other. This paper will discuss using performance enhancing drugs will not get players into the Hall of Fame. Players use performance enhancing drugs to gain a competitive advantage over other teams and players. The definition of cheating is violating rules or restrictions to gain an advantage. It’s plain and simple and is a form of cheating.
Major league players who got in the hall of fame in the past used their pure natural talent. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding natural talent in the sport of Baseball. Look at our beloved long time baseball legends, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, and many more. How would they feel to see professional baseball players cheat their way in and make it easy on themselves? Baseball meant so much to them and to see future players disrespect our baseball legends and allow them to go to Cooperstown, would be awful to past and present players. Baseball fans know players want to give it all and ultimately make it to the World Series and achieve other outstanding goals, but taking illegal drugs is taking it too far. This leads into the major league baseball punishments for using performance enhancing drugs.
The major league baseball has punishments for players who use steroids and performance enhancing drugs. First offense is a fifty game suspension, and second offense is one hundred games and a permanent ban for third-time offenders. Four major league players have already been suspended for failed PED tests last season, the most recent of the bunch being All-Star Game MVP and MLB hits leader Melky Cabrera. MLB announced that Cabrera had tested positive for testosterone, and that he was punished with a 50…...

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