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1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose of the System
1.2 Scope of the System
1.3 Objectives and Success Criteria of the Project
1.4 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations
1.5 References
1.6 Overview
2 Current System
3 Proposed System
3.1 Overview
3.2 Functional Requirements
3.2.1 A list of functional requirements and brief description of each
3.2.2Classes of Input, output, error Messages and Description of Report

3.3 Nonfunctional Requirements

3.3.1 Constraints
3.3.2 Quality of attributes
3.3.3 Benefits
3.3.4 Intangible

3.4 System Models

3.4.1 Scenarios
3.4.2 Use Case Model
3.4.3 Activity Diagrams
3.4.4 Class Diagram
3.4.5 Sequence Diagram
4 Acceptance criteria: describe how you will test the system and with which methods
5 Documentation
6 Glossary

1. Introduction 1.1 Purpose of the system

Nowadays, people become interest in health more than ever. Not only the youth, but also elders spend more free time on exercise. Because of everybody realize that exercise makes you healthy and cure the disease. Moreover, fat people choose working out instead of using diabetic medicine because of disadvantages from using medicine such as yoyo effect.
BMI: Body Mass Index is ratio between the body weight and height. The value shows us how healthy we are. If the value less than 18.5, you are skinny. If the value is between 18.5 and 24.9, your weight is normal. If the value is between 25 and 29.9, you are overweight. If the value is between 30 and 39.9, you are obese. If the value is over 40, you are morbidly obese. The BMI value is well known for people who exercise frequently. In this project, we realize the importance of the health, so we create the program called “Mr.Fitness” which is the assistance for the people who love exercise to measure his/her BMI. It shows the right method for doing exercise. In additional, the interface is made for user to use comfortably because we show each exercise step-by-step.

1.2 Scope of the system Our program, Mr. Fitness, is for people who like exercise but don’t have much time to go to the fitness center, such as businessmen, students, workers, and so forth, those who don’t have enough time to look for healthy information. There are lots of exercise paradigms in this application with models which are represented in order. This program is very easy to follow the models and understand. Moreover, the program allows us to calculate how much we can lose the calories, and also recommend how to get the perfect shape. For the people who are really interested in this application and follow the recommendation, we believe that they can get their goals perfectly.

There are some exercises parts of the body are included in this application which are:
- arm training
- abs training
- shoulder training
- back training
- chest training
- leg training
- The calculation part of the body which is: BMI calculation
- The help part for the user to find where the fitness center is Fitness Finder

- The tips part that help the user to know the tips to have a good exercise by showing what should do in order.

- There is some information that tells about what food the user should eat to have a proper nutrient to the body.

This application is written by Java, so the user can use in any operating system. The first input is to select what the users want to do in this application: exercise, calculate BMI, find fitness center, and get some useful information about exercise and food. Then the output will be in a form of picture, map, and description of what the user want to know. The interface of this application is design to be very easy to understand and use.

1.3 Objective and success criteria of the project
The objective of this project is to instruct users how to do healthy exercise in order to gain the most benefits from it. Because of exercise can help people from preventing chronic health conditions to boosting confidence and self-esteem. The benefits are for everyone to take, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Nowadays, many people are misunderstanding about the method of exercising. Therefore, this program will help to guild users about doing effective exercise. The objective is measurable in terms of the average users’ body mass, ratio of muscle compare with their weight which this program is trying to achieve. The objective is time-bound and should be completed roughly within one month time. By using this application, users can get a lot of advantages by the following:
- Users can increases energy and endurance. They can feel of increased energy and vitality a few short weeks after starting to exercise on a regular basis.
- This application can builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones & joints for the users.
- Users can convenient use this application for doing healthy exercise at the any time and any place.
- In case of the users want to exercise only the specific part, this program provides useful function for users to choose only the part of body which they want to work out.

1.4 Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations:

Acronyms Definition
BMI Body Mass Index lbs. Pounds kg. Kilogram
g. Gram
m. Meter cm. Centimeter hr. Hour min. Minute sec. Second bmp. Beat per minute mph. Mile per hour
SRd. Road tel. Telephone fl. Floor
a.m. Ante meridiem
p.m. Post meridiem

1.4 Reference
Prof. Surasee Songtanin (Faculty of sport science) 1.5 Overview

Nowadays, there are plenty of people who are concerning about their health problems. The following topics are the part of these problems:

- People are lacking of knowledge about how to eat healthy food, how to maintain their weight to be in standard and how to change their eating behavior.
- Skip dinner because of misunderstanding that it can decrease the weight.
- Lack of important vitamins in each meal.
- Eat less than 3 meals per day.

People do many risky activities which can damage their health.

- Drinking alcohol.
- Having food which contains a lot of fat and carbohydrate such as oily food deep-fry.
- Smoking cigarette.
- Not enough sleeping.
- Never do exercise.
- Genetic.
- Heredity such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Heart disease and High blood pressure.
- Environment.
- Bad pollution.
- Loud Noise.
- Psychosomatic problem from the environment.

These problems are just only the part which can lead people to be unhealthy. We generally see these problems in many groups of people. As a result, people are prone to give more attention in their health problems. The easiest way is to have an exercise which can help people to have better physical and mental health.

2. Current System

At the present time, people become intend to interest in healthy more than ever. So, people look through valuable food for consuming, the way of choosing supplementary, and reduce the possible risk activities to provide the better health. Moreover, working out which is an easy way, but it would be effect to the health unaware.

Exercise is one of the benefit activities that effect for human health. Nowadays, there is abounding of fitness centers which lead to the foundation of many branches and receive a good feedback too. Otherwise, not only it effect to body health but also makes good benefit to mental health too. Moreover, training is an activity which relaxes from stretch such as yoga.

How to play fitness, we should have information about what is a correct and safety way to play. Because player is benighted and plays in the wrong way, it has damage to anatomy.

Thus, Mr. Fitness is a fitness program that is constructed in the first time and teaches how to play fitness in the accurate way. The data is separated by each part of human body such as arm, leg and hip. It can calculate amount of BMI and command food plan too.

3 Proposed System

3.1 Overview Mr. Fitness provides the user with efficient and convenient tool. Almost of the function and information and shown how to do exercise in correct way by using visual such as picture and map. For an example, when user click at the arm command which has hand icon and choose the activity it will show the step by using picture to present the method of this activity step by step. Moreover it includes the find fitness center function to help the user who interest in exercise activity. This part will support user to find the fitness center where near his/her place. For an example, user just choose the district that his/her resident location. The result is the program will show the nearest fitness center. In additional, there are 3 more functions which are Tips, Healthy food, and BMI calculator.
Healthy food and tip are program options that provide user to get information about tips of exercise activity and useful data to achieve the goal for user such as the best 5 cardio exercise activity and workout. Otherwise, BMI calculator is an option that calculates that amount of body mass in user body. With the simple user interface, the users will be able to know and understand how to use the program.
Differences among current systems and proposed system:

Feature Current system 1 (Full fitness program) Current system 2 (CHI-based BMI Calculator) Proposed system (Mr. Fitness)
BMI calculator x ☺ ☺
Step of exercise activity ☺ x ☺
Find Fitness center x x ☺
Tips x x ☺
Healthy food ☺ x ☺
Visual vision x x ☺
Water mass in body x ☺ ☺
Style design ☺ x ☺
Animation x x ☺
Platform independent x ☺ ☺

3.2 Functional requirements
3.2.1 A list of functional requirements and brief description of each

The functions of Mr. Fitness are as follows:
- ARM TRAINING – Once the users click on this option, they will see the sub-menu bar which enable user to choose the exercise method after that the pictures and instructions will be appeared.
- ABS TRAINING – This function enable users to view the pictures and instruction about abdomen exercise.
- SHOULDER TRAINING – The users will be able to see the method of shoulder training also the pictures.
- BACK TRAINING – After clicking this topic, users will be visualized by the example pictures of back training and instruction of back training.
- CHEST TRAINING – The users will be able to give the pictures and instructions of chest training.
- LEG TRAINING – This function enable users to study about the exercise method which is emphasize on leg part.
- BMI CALCULATOR – This function enable the users to fill in their weight and height then it will calculate it into body mass index and show the result from calculating.
- TIPS – The users will be able to give tips of various kinds of exercise and healthy food.
- FITNESS FINDER – The users will be able to give the maps and addresses of available fitness in Bangkok area.
- HEALTHY FOOD – After clicking at the healthy food panel, users will able to choose the topic that they are interested in then the program will show pictures and instructions

- CREDIT – The users will see the name of project builder

3.2.2 Classes of Input, output, error Messages and Description of Report

Class of Input
- readFile – This class is for reading text files from the database.
- textFill – This class is for filling the text into the provided blank box
Classes of Output
- drawPic – This class is for showing the pictures from each topics which users chose
Error Messages
- “The input data doesn’t exist” (This massage will be shown when the users input the wrong data. For example, input letters into BMI text field instead of numbers)
Description of Report
- none

3.3 Non-functional Requirements

3.3.1) Constraints

- Hardware – Pentium III or higher
- Software – Java JRE6 update 12, Eclipse and Net bean
- Staff – Because we have 9 members doing this project, we have equally divided the responsibility to members in a group of 3 which contains 3 members in each group. These 3 group has the duties by the following :

1) Programmer
People in this group will responsible for the programming system. They will help each other find out how to make the program effectively work. As well as solve the problems which is caused by the program structure.
2) Documentation staffs
This group will manage about the documentary and collect useful data for the project overall management. In order to make the project working well, the staffs have to think about the working method.
3) Overall management
This group has a duty in divide the work for everyone, track the working process of each person and cooperate between programmer and documentation staff.

3.3.2) Budget
This project cost only the printing process which is roughly 200 Baht. For other processes, our team’s members have already got all the equipment which is laptop, PC, camera (for taking the exercising pictures), scanner, and video camera and so on.
- Development deadline – 30 November 2010

3.3.3) Benefits

Tangible o Information - Provide much useful information for the user. o Pictures – provide exercising pictures of all users which can help them to better understand the given information. o Maps – Contain the addresses of the fitness centre in Bangkok. Moreover, there’re pictures to visualize users for further understanding.

3.3.4) Intangible o Standalone application – users don’t need to connect to the internet in any cases. o Portable – This program enabled users to upload the application into their mobile phone. o Fast – This program is very fast. It uses only the little space of RAM.

3.4 System Model

3.4.1) Scenario


Scenario name: Arm training

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “Arm” button on the left column.
There are many methods for your arm workout exercise; it can specify the part that you wish to perform. In each exercise is fully labeled the directions. The sample of an exercise is provided on the top of directions, to make it clearer.


Scenario name: Abs training

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “Abs” button on the left column. There are many methods for your abs workout exercise; it can specify the part that you wish to perform. In each exercise is fully labeled the directions. The sample of an exercise is provided on the top of directions, to make it clearer.


Scenario name: Shoulder training

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “Shoulder” button on the left column. There are many methods for your abs workout exercise; it can specify the part that you wish to perform. In each exercise is fully labeled the directions.
The sample of an exercise is provided on the top of directions, to make it clearer.


Scenario name: Back training

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “Back” button on the left column.
There are many methods for your abs workout exercise; it can specify the part that you wish to perform. In each exercise is fully labeled the directions. The sample of an exercise is provided on the top of directions, to make it clearer.


Scenario name: Chest training

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “Chest” button on the left column.
There are many methods for your abs workout exercise; it can specify the part that you wish to perform. In each exercise is fully labeled the directions. The sample of an exercise is provided on the top of directions, to make it clearer.


Scenario name: Leg Training

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “Leg” button on the left column.
There are many methods for your abs workout exercise; it can specify the part that you wish to perform. In each exercise is fully labeled the directions. The sample of an exercise is provided on the top of directions, to make it clearer.


Scenario name: BMI Calculator

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “BMI” button on the left column.
When you selected, the program will provide a blank boxes to put your height and weight in. select the “Calculate” button, the program will show the result from calculating that your body is “Severely underweight”, “Underweight”, “Normal”, “Overweight” and “Obese”.


Scenario name: TIPS

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “TIPS” button on the left column. The program will show the tips of particular part of the body. If you know the correct way to use an exercise machine, you will reach the point that you want. When you selected it. For example, if you select a cardio, the program will emphasize an importance of cardio program.


Scenario name: Fitness Finder

Flow of Events:
1. On the front page of the program, select the “Fitness fitness” button on the left column.
2. Another tap will pop up and let you select the distinct in Bangkok; you can choose where you prefer to know.
3. The detail of the fitness in the distinct you choose will display with the map where it’s located.


Scenario name: Healthy Food

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “Healthy Food” button on the left column. The program will show us the way to have a good health. There are many ways such as decrease the amount of dead food, the principle of proper fruit consumption, low fat dairy product, olive oil, lean cuts of meat, healthy snack option. Select the topic that you are interested. The detail and instruction will display.


Scenario name: Credit

Flow of Events:
On the front page of the program, select the “Credit” button on the left column.
Display the software builder team and the responsibility of each member

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Baseline Fetal Heart

...Baseline fetal heart rate is the average fetal heart rate (FHR) rounded to increments of 5 beats per minute during a 10-minute segment, excluding periodic or episodic changes, periods of marked variability, or baseline segments that differ by more than 25 beats per minute. * In any given 10-minute window, the minimum baseline duration must be at least 2 minutes, or else the baseline is considered indeterminate. In cases where the baseline is indeterminate, the previous 10-minute window should be reviewed and utilized in order to determine the baseline. * A normal FHR baseline rate ranges from 110 to 160 beats per minute. If the baseline FHR is less than 110 beats per minute, it is termed bradycardia. If the baseline FHR is more than 160 beats per minute, it is termed tachycardia. * Baseline FHR variability is based on visual assessment and excludes sinusoidal patterns. Variability is defined as fluctuations in the FHR baseline of 2 cycles per minute or greater, with irregular amplitude and inconstant frequency. These fluctuations are visually quantitated as the amplitude of the peak to trough in beats per minute Baseline Fetal Heart Rate Variability Fluctuation Classification Undetectable Absent Undetectable to ≤ 5 beats/min Minimal 6 to 25 beats/min Moderate > 25 beats/min Marked Baseline Fetal Heart Rate Variability Fluctuation Classification Sinusoidal pattern differs from variability in that it demonstrates a smooth, sine wave-like pattern of......

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...central tenet of Emory’s intellectual life. It allows us to test hypotheses, provides the basis for data analyses, centers humanistic inquiry, and is the substance of the creative process. In October 2011, a committee under the leadership of Mellisa Anders (Professor of Art History) and Melanie Donson (Professor of Physics) put out a call for proposals. An enthusiastic response from the wider Emory community, including faculty, students, staff, and alumni resulted in the selection of four final themes. In February 2012, the four proposals were posted on the Propsal website. In late February and early March the authors of these proposals made public presentations at town hall meetings, providing additional information and seeking comments and reactions from the Enchatia community. Feedback was also received through electronic outreach to relevant constituents. Revised proposals were reviewed in April 2012 by the QEP Selection Committee, resulting in the recommendation of Primary Evidence as Emory’s QEP. The SAD leadership team, under the guidance of President Andrews, accepted this recommendation. The quality of the proposals was outstanding and much energy and imagination was invested in their development. A closer review shows many overlapping themes and objectives for the ongoing enhancement of education at Ehtiala, suggesting that the community at large subscribes to common goals. In the Fall 2012, the SAD leadership team will appoint a faculty......

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