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Basic Human Rights Taken

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Basic Human Rights Taken
Lisa Davis

HUM499 – Responsibility for the Future

June 1, 2015
Samuel O’Donnell
Southwestern College Professional Studies

Basic Human Rights Taken

In the concentration camps prisoners had everything and every right taken away. First when they arrived they were stripped of their personal belongings. No one should have their personal stuff taken from them and be humiliated and stripped down naked in front of everyone. The prisoners were then treated as if they were a piece of garbage that could be disposed of as if they meant nothing. The prisoner destiny was in the hand of someone who had no right to choose if the prisoner lived or died, but somehow managed to get the privilege of making this choice as if they were God. The prisoners were not feed properly at all. They were rationed out bread and soup. They were never given enough so they were slowly dwindling away of starvation. The prisoners poor nutrition left them open to many diseases their bodies were not able to fight off in its unhealthy state. Food is a right everyone has should have food to eat! Especially these prisoners they worked hard day in and out. It is one thing if someone sits around does not work or try to provide for themselves and has no food. They then have no one but themselves to blame. That wasn’t the case with these prisoners if any one deserved to eat it was them! The prisoners were stripped of any dignity they may have had. They were beating and talked down to. They were required to use the restroom in a bucket in front of others. You had prisoners that were well respected doctors and people of importance but no one cared what you previously were or had accomplished, the prisoners were still treated awful! I am sure the prisoners had no self respect the way they were treated.

Eight Essential Rights for workers The right to be needed the prisoners lost...

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