Basketball in Latin America

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In Latin America, the popularity of the sport is growing rapidly and the most recent of talent into the NBA is migrating from Latin America. The cultural popularity of the sport was growing exponentially and is well documented in China with the likes of Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin who are Asian sensations. With Latin American backgrounds integrating into the game of basketball, I wonder how these international translations are in turn changing the game we see at home.
In Latin America, where the climate and geographies are so much different than the one in the United States, we find growth in basketball. Though the NBA in Latin America is growing, it is still not a hit in Central and South America. Though whenever you go either it is Latin America, China, America, etc… there is always someone playing the game. Even in the likes of Mexico, they are mostly known for militant based political revolution than anything else, but basketball courts do exist. The courts might be used for other things like farming during the day, but you will always see some kid playing and working on his game. Just like what I do when I am in my hometown hooping outside of my house, no court just the concrete and the hoop I have next to my garage. The growth of basketball throughout Latin America region is unexpected, only because they compete for national attention in their number one sport soccer. Basketball has to compete in Central American countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Brazil. Volleyball is also a sport that is highly accepted, but mostly in Brazil and Argentina. However, the basketball being played in soccer dominating countries is often influenced by soccer, but depends on the development of the country. “I know in Argentina [basketball] is very popular. Of course, not even close to soccer, and it never will be, but as far as a second sport in my country it…...