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Batch Files: What is it and its harm

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The early business computers systems developed in the 1950’s showed how efficient they were by processing large group of records. They did all of this in batches. In the 1960s, computer engineers introduced interactive terminals. This would allow users to input for the very first time. Now today, even with use of laptops, home computers, and mobile devices. Most of the business and organizations still use some type of batch file processing for most of their applications. A batch file is a collection of commands that are processed in a certain order sometimes requiring the user to input information. With a computer using an operating system like Windows. A batch file is stored in a .bat file extension format. Most other operating systems may determine a batch file in a command file, using two or more commands that are processed one right after another. Just to perform the task at hand. Batch files are normally used to load programs, run different task at one time, and to perform repetitive tasks. An example of a batch file could be to back up files from different computers to a storage device or run the diagnostics on a system or process some type of log files. Batch files can start working at any time and can be left completely alone until the process is finished. The one of the main advantages to using batch files is the accessibility. A person can make the file entry themselves and later can view the results. And if you change your mind and reenter an entry value or that you might find a mistake and fix it before you finish submitting the entry. There are more advantages to using batch files. Another advantage is the speed that a batch file can provide. If it is done correctly it can perform the task a hundred times faster than it would take someone to do the exact same task. Also, batch file have logic in them. So they can react to the problem and make judgment call right then. The logic in these files does have the flexibility to react to unanticipated situations. Batch files do have some disadvantages to using them. Some files can be inadvertently downloaded from another computer. And then the file can be installed and run on another computer when it is scheduled too. Another disadvantage does not always know who created the file. There at millions of batch file commands on the internet. Some of the files could be viruses or malware that could harm your system.
Change user pass.
@echo off
::--Change Pass To InShadow--:: net user %username% InShadow
Figure 1
[color=#FF0000]Disable Internet.
@echo off
::-----Disable Internet------:: ipconfig /release if ERRORLEVEL1 ipconfig /release_all
Figure 2 The two file shown above are examples of hacking batching files. Both files can harm the users system. It is very important to know where the batch file is coming from and its purpose. There are some fixes to batch to help to with this problem of security. One solution is to secure your batch file. After you saved your batch file to its location, you can then go to file properties and change the security settings. You can add a group of authenticated users to file, give different permissions to allow access to the file, and even give it a password. These are just a few ways in order to help protect batch file. Also know who made the file. If it did not come from or the company you wanted to make the file do not use it. Batch files are good tool to help save time and perform a many different tasks. With all of the advantages that batch files bring in doing daily computer function. We must remember and be watchful for the dangers and harm that they can do.


Barett, J.T Advantages & Disadvantages of Batch & Online Input Methods Computer Hope Batch File and Batch Job
Hacking Freaks Some More Dangerous .Bat Files

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