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The Bath MSc
MSc in Accounting and Finance, MSc in Finance, MSc in Finance with Banking, MSc in Finance with Risk Management MSc in Advanced Management Practice MSc in Human Resource Management and Consulting MSc in Innovation and Technology Management MSc in International Management MSc in Management MSc in Marketing MSc in Sustainability and Management

Hugh Ayling MSc in Marketing graduate now at L’Oréal


01 Welcome to the Bath


02 Why choose Bath? 03 Enhancing your career


04 What else can I expect? 05 The Bath Management

Alumni Community that’s right for you

06 Choosing the programme 08 MSc in Accounting and

Finance, MSc in Finance, MSc in Finance with Banking, MSc in Finance with Risk Management Management Practice Management and Consulting

12 MSc in Advanced

20 MSc in Human Resource

24 MSc in Innovation and 30 MSc in International

Technology Management Management

34 MSc in Management 38 MSc in Marketing 44 MSc in Sustainability and


48 Life on campus 49 Accommodation and

living costs

51 Life in Bath 52 How to apply 53 How to find us

Contact us (back cover)

University of Bath School of Management


Welcome to the Bath Advantage. Research intensive and practice driven, we are consistently rated as one of the best-performing business schools in the UK.
To equip students with the best possible opportunities, our academics conduct world-class research on an on-going basis. Our students hear their ideas first, before anyone else, and our faculty are also always keen to discuss their latest ideas with students. The opportunity to question current thinking is positively encouraged; we want debate and critique as that is the cornerstone of a good education. It’s this partnership between student and academic that accounts for why we are...

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