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Battered Wife Syndrome

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Unlike what the defence said, Nicole Girard was not falsely accused of murder. She did in fact commit murder. On multiple occasions, not only did Kim Hendricks, her neighbour, and some of her friends hear her admit the she killed Kevin Steel, she also admitted to killing him in her witness statement to the William’s Lake RCMP Detachment office. The moment she took the gun, intentionally aimed it at Kevin Steel, and pulled the trigger, she committed the unforgivable act of murder.

The defence wanted to justify the crime by trying to prove that Nicole Girard has the Battered Wife Syndrome. They wanted to show that Nicole was in an abusive relationship with Kevin Steel by using the doctor's report of Nicole getting injured as evidence. Additionally …show more content…
Longsio’s report is even more fallible. He stated that drugs and alcohol all triggered her to commit the murder. But remember that drugs and alcohol are not valid defense. Ms. Girard clearly neglected the safety of others when she held a gun under the influence. The described symptoms of Battered Wife Syndrome also contradicted to Nicole’s behavior. As Ken Cato said, Ms. Girard left Kevin Steel and chose to come back. Again, he also said that she retaliated in an aggressive manner the resulted with Kevin Steel getting injured. Although she’s fearful, she is also aggressive and violent. These are not symptoms of the Battered Wife Syndrome. She clearly wasn’t helpless and faint hearted as Dr. Longsio described; she had the opportunity to seek for help when she left the abusive relationship, and saw the doctors every time she got hurt. She also retaliated against Kevin Steel and she even threatened him with the rifle. A victim of the battered wife syndrome feels helpless; that’s why they commit murder against their partners. They feel that they don’t have a choice, except to kill. But Nicole Girard had so many opportunities to leave and choices to help herself. Instead she chose the darker path when she aimed at Kevin Steel and pulled the

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