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Battling Adversity

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Battling Adversity is a collection of forty one essays on society and mental health. The first chapter, ‘The Risky Side of Beauty’ with the opening line ‘Defying aging and to look younger and better is an age old practice in all cultures’ to the final chapter ‘Merdeka 2015-A wish list for improved mental health services’ provide an excellent easy to read account of various traditional as well as contemporary mental health issues affecting society locally and globally. The author has given a good flavour to this concise book with contemporary topics like technology and pornography, ‘selfitis’, sex jihadists and Gigolo-What love got to do with him!

Dr. Andrew has vast exposure in the international arena particularly so in tackling mental health issues post disasters especially with his immense involvement aftermath the Asian Tsunami of 2004. In addition, he has personal experience in handling refugee mental health. He added another feather to his cap in his academic portfolio by obtaining a Fellowship in Community Psychiatry from Melbourne.

He has candidly covered significant mental health areas after disasters in the chapter ‘Diary of a Disaster Psychiatrist’. Refuge mental health is also rightly covered at this moment where refugee crisis has
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The ability of the book to keep an array of readers immersed and able to easily comprehend the book has to be lauded. Many people come face-to-face with life-altering adversities in their daily hustle and bustle lifestyle. One has to arm oneself with this practical and concise book that provides readers simple tips and solutions to overcome adversities. The basic theoretical knowledge in the book is further enhanced by simple and short case scenarios shared by the author. His personal experience in the real world of mental health locally and abroad provides a different twist the manner he advises patients while battling

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