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Ana al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizie Ana al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizieAna al malik w ana baulak anu enta lazem et telhaz dizie.

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...appo, braid, cabbish, collop та інші. Поряд з простими словами, ми можемо виділи похідні від них, наприклад: berry-bilberry, feaberry, papes – papesmilk, wut – wutcake. Також, при аналізі словників, ми зустріли складні слова, які являють собою поєднання двох основ, що співпадають з формами, представленими у словниках, а також складні слова, що пишуться через дефіс, наприклад: ackersprit, goldfinch, hutchin, lobscouse, haver-cake, nonsuch, old-peg та інші. Щодо словосполучень концепту «їжа та напої», то вони широко представлені в словниках діалектів, та в основному носять назви традиційних страв та напоїв. Ці словосполучення по своїй структурі складаються з іменників,а іноді з власних імен, наприклад: allegar skrikers, barm baw, bloody Roger, boosy cheese, Nelson’s bullets та інші. Отже, в цілому, проведений аналіз показав, що спосіб структурного складу слів в діалектах Південного Ланкашира, графства Дарем та Чешира не відрізняється від способів звичайного словотворення. ВИСНОВКИ Отже, у цій роботі ми дослідили типізацію англійських діалектів, вивчення концепту «їжа та напої» у мовознавстві, а також проаналізували вербалізацію концепту в трьох діалектах Англії. Головним джерелом нашого дослідження стали словники діалектів Південного Ланкашира, графства Дарем та Чешира. Ми можемо стверджувати, що національні страви та......

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...Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Kindergarten Teachers Kindergarten Teachers CEO Kindergarten Teachers Kindergarten Teachers Parents Teachers The following Sites became focus areas for the research where direct contact was established: Region North East South Organisation & Name of Pilot Dallas Primary School, Anglicare Victoria Hume-Moreland Knox City Council Transition Pilot Name: Strengthening Links : Supporting Transition to School Mornington Peninsula Shire Transition Pilot Name: Transition: a positive start to school Hastings Transition Pilot West Catholic Rural Regional City of Brimbank Catholic Education office Transition Pilot Name: An approach to successful transition … Baw Baw Shire Council Transition Pilot Name: Transition: a positive start to school Baw Baw Pilot Project City of Greater Geelong Council Transition Pilot Name: City of Greater Geelong Early Years Transition Project • NB: Data from all 30 Pilot Sites were collected and analysed to inform the research project. Appendix B Measures The way the measures have been determined for this research was to go outside the school readiness literature and search for more ‘authentic’ ways to measure the indicators. The measures described here include the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI), the Leuven Involvement Scale for Young Children (LIS-YC), the Reflect Tool, Transition Learning and Development Statements and the DEECD Parent Opinion Survey. The Australian Early......

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...more market share by using the sale promotion as the factors on purchase decision. Next, our independent variable is psychological. Which is, according to the (Wahida Farzana, 2012) that the needs that motivate people to use laptop most are associated with their day in today purposes, which is at the office or class assignment. Moreover, in part of this family also play the most significant role in constructing their attitude for more loyal to the laptop compared with computer. Last variable that we have been identified is brand equity. Refer to the article published by Shah. R (2012), the study investigate the relationship between overall brand equity & different brand equity dimensions like perceived quality (PQ), brand awareness (BAW), brand association (BAS) & brand loyalty (BL) referring to Aaker’s model. The study reveals that perceived quality & brand loyalty has strong & positive impact on overall brand equity while brand awareness & brand association will not influence overall brand equity directly. 2.4 Research Methods The research that has a similar dependent with brand loyalty towards laptop among student is journal about Purchase Intention and Buying Behavior towards Laptops. Based on a study of students in Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India written by Nahid Darakshan and Jamid Ul Islam, the respondents is among young adult students......

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...62 ASMLRAL Amin Sp.(RAL) 63 ASTM Asim Textile 64 ATBA Atlas Battery 65 ATBL Atlas Bank Ltd. 66 ATFF Atlas Fund of Funds 67 ATIL Atlas Insurance 68 ATLH Atlas Honda 69 ATRL Attock Refinery 70 AUBC Automotive Battery 71 AWAT Awan Textile 72 AWTX Allawasaya 73 AYTM Ayesha Textile 74 AYZT Ayaz Textile 75 AZAMT Azam Tex 76 AZLM AL-Zamin Mod. 77 AZLMTFC AL-Zamin (TFC) 78 AZLMTFC-II AL-Zamin (TFC)II 79 AZMT Azmat Tex. 80 AZTM AL-Azhar Tex. 81 BAFL Bank Al-Falah 82 BAFL-MAR BAFL-MAR 83 BAFL-MARB BAFL-MARB 84 BAFS Baba Farid 85 BAHL Bank AL-Habib 86 BAHLTFC Bank Al-Habib(TFC) 87 BAHT Bhawalpur Tex. 88 BAPL Bawany Air 89 BATA Bata (Pak) 90 BAWS Bawany Sugar 91 BBIIIA US (Dollar) B 3 YEARS A 92 BBIIIB US (Dollar) B 3 YEARS B 93 BBIIIC US (Dollar) B 3 YEARS C 94 BBIIID US (Dollar) B 3 YEARS D 95 BBVA US (Dollar) B 5 YEARS A 96 BBVB US (Dollar) B 5 YEARS B 97 BBVC US (Dollar) B 5 YEARS C 98 BBVD US (Dollar) B 5 YEARS D 99 BBVIIA US (Dollar) B 7 YEARS A 100 BBVIIB US (Dollar) B 7 YEARS B 101 BBVIIC US (Dollar) B 7 YEARS C 102 BBVIID US (Dollar) B 7 YEARS D 103 BCL Bolan Casting 104 BCML Babri CottonXR 105 BEEL Bela Engg. 106 BEEM Beema Pakistan 107 BELA Bela Automotive 108 BERG Berger Paints 109 BFMOD B.F.Modaraba 110 BGL Bal.Glass 111 BHAT Bhanero Textile 112 BIFO Biafo Industries 113......

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...present - The invention of integrated circuit brought us the third generation of computers. With this invention computers became smaller, more powerful more reliable and they are able to run many different programs at the same time. In1980 Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-Dos) was born and in 1981 IBM introduced the personal computer (PC) for home and office use. Three years later Apple gave us the Macintosh computer with its icon driven interface and the 90s gave us Windows operating system. As a result of the various improvements to the development of the computer we have seen the computer being used in all areas of life. It is a very useful tool that will continue to experience new development as time passes. History of Computers This chapter is a brief summary of the history of Computers. It is supplemented by the two PBS documentaries video tapes "Inventing the Future" And "The Paperback Computer". The chapter highlights some of the advances to look for in the documentaries. In particular, when viewing the movies you should look for two things: * The progression in hardware representation of a bit of data: 1. Vacuum Tubes (1950s) - one bit on the size of a thumb; 2. Transistors (1950s and 1960s) - one bit on the size of a fingernail; 3. Integrated Circuits (1960s and 70s) - thousands of bits on the size of a hand 4. Silicon computer chips (1970s and on) - millions of......

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...cunt has a wey ay makin ye feel a real petty, trivial bastard. – That's no the fuckin point, ah sais, but withoot conviction. – Aye. The point is ah'm really fuckin sufferin here, n ma socalled mate's draggin his feet deliberately, lovin every fuckin 3 minute ay it! His eyes seem the size ay fitba's n look hostile, yet pleadin at the same time; poignant testimonies tae ma supposed betrayal. If ah ever live long enough tae huv a bairn, ah hope it never looks at us like Sick Boy does. The cunt is irresistible oan this form. – Ah wisnae ... ah protested.– Fling yir fuckin jaykit oan well! At the Fit ay the Walk thir wir nae taxis. They only congregated here when ye didnae need them. Supposed tae be August, but ah'm fuckin freezing ma baws oaf here. Ah'm no sick yet, but it's in the fuckin post, that's fir sure. – Supposed tae be a rank. Supposed tae be a fuckin taxi rank. Nivir fuckin git one in the summer. Up cruising fat, rich festival cunts too fuckin lazy tae walk a hundred fuckin yards fae one poxy church hall tae another fir thir fuckin show. Taxi drivers. Money–grabbin bastards ... Sick Boy muttered deliriously and breathlessly tae hissel, eyes bulging and sinews in his neck straining as his heid craned up Leith Walk. At last one came. There were a group ay young guys in shellsuits n bomber jaykits whae'd been standin thair longer than us. Ah doubt if Sick Boy even saw them. He charged straight oot intae the middle ay the Walk screaming: – TAXI! Hi! Whit's the......

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Annual Report on Singapore Tourism Statistics 2009

...840 1,211 9,728 1,440 1,140 248 3,024 6,912 2,898 3,346 1,372 1,680 2,301 2,940 896 1,106 3,150 2,275 2,562 2,044 3,060 550 430 212 18,900 3,130 2,996 3,190 840 2,016 442 274 130 8,274 3,327 1,137 6,377 2,352 1,092 5,760 4,382 474 312 2,051 675 4,046 896 1,295 11,344 1,572 1,260 276 3,024 7,488 3,318 4,228 1,582 2,016 2,301 2,940 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Air France Air India Air India Express Air Mauritius Air Niugini Air Seychelles Ltd AirAsia Berhad Airlanka Ltd All Nippon Airways Co Ltd Asiana Airlines Bangkok Airways Batavia Air Biman Bangladesh Airlines AFR AIC AIE MAU ANG SEY AXM ALK ANA AAR BKP BTV BBC 7 21 14 18 2 2 1 105 10 14 11 7 14 2 1 1 15 16 British Airways Public Ltd Co Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd BAW CPA 21 11 3 17 7 17 18 19 Cebu Pacific Air China Airlines Ltd China Eastern Airlines CEB CAL CES 7 32 14 3 2 7 5 14 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 China Southern Airlines Emirates Etihad Airways (EY) Eva Airways Corporation Firefly Garuda Indonesia Japan Air Lines Co Ltd Jet Airways Jetstar Airways International CSN UAE ETD EVA FFM GIA JAL JAI JST 7 7 32 6 5 1 42 48 14 14 7 14 13 14 57 STATISTICAL TABLE ANNUAL REPORT ON TOURISM STATISTICS 2009 27. INCOMING SCHEDULED FLIGHTS OF PASSENGER AIRLINES OPERATING INTO SINGAPORE (As At 1st January 2010) The data provides flights and airline seat capacity information in terms of seat configuration, airlines and regions/countries of origin. Flights from......

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