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The Bay of Pigs One of the most embarrassing things about the United States is the failed invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. President at the time, John F. Kennedy, along with his administration, was the main one to blame for the failure of this invasion. This event was probably what led to the Cuban Missile Crisis, which comes later on. The main objective of the invasion was to end communism in Cuba by putting an end to its leader, Fidel Castro (Hanson n.p). Unfortunately the invasion failed and Cuba still remained communist for many years.
Before becoming the dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro led a revolution to overthrow the regime of General Batista. Castro, along with a group of rebels, was successful in overthrowing Batista and later, became the new dictator of Cuba (DePalma n.p). This raised concern for the United States because now Communist Cuba posed a threat to our country. Communism is defined in the dictionary as, a system where the government owns all means of production. The United States has always been anti-communist, so a country so close to our shores had to be taken seriously.
The plan to invade Cuba was actually already in place before President John F. Kennedy was elected. The Central Intelligence Agency was planning the invasion when President Eisenhower was in office. Although he did not plan the invasion all by himself, John F. Kennedy was still held responsible for the failure. The plan consisted of training roughly about 1,400 Cuban exiles that were living in Miami, to overthrow Castro. The first strikes of the invasion would be against the little airfields that Cuba had. The United States did not want Fidel Castro to know it was involved in this invasion, so they took old American planes and painted them to make them look as if they were Cuban planes ( Staff). All of this was obviously not carefully planned. Had it been…...

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