Bba in Islamic Banking

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In Malaysia, there are numerous financial instruments and concepts available for customers to choose, which one is suited to them. Financial instruments that available in Islamic Banks in Malaysia are divided into two main components which are known as deposit; and loans and advances. Bay’Bithaman Ajil (BBA) and Murabahah are 2 types of Islamic financing product offered by banks in Malaysia and were introduced in 1983. The Islamic financing product of Murabahah was introduced to meet the above Quranic verse interpretation. It should be noted that BBA is a Murabahah product but the product name of BBA was given by BBMB to differentiate between a short term (below 12 months) and long-term (above 12 months) tenor financing products. Murabahah is for short term meanwhile BBA is for a long term financing products.



The Majallah refers to BBA as the Bai’ al Muajjal. In Pakistan the term is called Bai’ al-Muajjal, in Bangladesh it called bay’al-Muazaal. BBA means a "deferred payment sale". It is a sale contract in which the payment of the price is deferred and payable at a certain particular time in the future. It is a mode of Islamic financing used for property, vehicle, as well as financing of other consumer goods. It can be implicated in any sale contract, including Musawamah and Murabahah but it is not applicable for a Salam contract, as the payment of Salam must be settled in full at the beginning of the contract.

Technically, this financing facility is based on the activities of buying and selling. The furniture that you wish to purchase for example, are bought by the bank and sold to you at an agreed to price, after the bank and you determine the tenure and the manner of the instalments. The price at which the bank sells you the furniture will include the actual cost of the furniture and will…...