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Bbc Pvt. Ltd. and Working Capital Challenge

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* Case Background 3 * Key Findings 4 * Recommendations 6 * References 11 * Exhibits 11

Case Background BBC Pvt. Ltd, is a chemical manufacturing company that was established in 2004. It's registered offices are in Bangalore, and its manufacturing is in Lucknow. At the time of the case BBC is in need of working capital to secure a major contract with Indian Railways. The contract would open doors for long term business. BBC's product manufacturing required minimal fixed assets investment and high quality production. Their product was low cost high quality which is a great business strategy. They were able to provide to their customer the marginal price which made their product more attractive. Furthermore, most of their sales were on credit terms. BBC was very conservative with their working capital management. Its assets were ten times that of their liabilities. They repaid their creditors quickly before the credit period ended, but on the other token they were lenient with their customer’s credit terms. The excess credit to their customers caused excessive blockage to their working capital.
Key Findings:
BBC has a promising contract in their hands, but must invest a large amount of money immediately. We must determine how they can obtain and manage their funds to upgrade the facility to secure the contract. Additionally, we must evaluate their working capital policy. Their current method was not working because they had more assets than liabilities, but their assets are in the form of inventory and receivables. We must also review their liquidity because if the repayment period was longer, the lower their net present value and the higher the value to the organization. We must also...

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