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BBC Radio Website Country Report: Peru 2006

I choose Peru because I believe it is a country full of culture and different environments. I plan on reviewing how music has evolved through modern civilization of Peruvian societies. Many different ways to make music have been discovered and broaden through different time periods, I plan to understand different instruments that are played and used in this style of music that this culture has embraced. Peruvians see music as something in which to participate, and not as a spectacle.
Peruvian music dates back in ancient time to the Inca civilization, these are times when most of the civilization made their own instruments. In ancient times the people used metals, cane, bamboo, bone, sea shells, and also mud to create the first Peruvian music. These ancient instruments gave the Peruvian people the inspiration they needed to further polish their musical genre. Eventually Spanish conquistadors invaded Peru which exposed the country to a broader variety of instruments, which have been adapted and integrated into the Peruvian society. Instruments such as the guitar, the violin, and the harp were highly approved in the local communities.
In “The Music of Ayacucho” Lucy Duran explores music of Ayacucho, in the remote region of Andean. The program starts off by featuring a session by Manulcha Prado. It consisted of the classic Elcondor Passa on a unique Peruvian made harp. Duran visits with a young artist that is only twenty-two years old. This artist goes by the name of Puspo. Puspo has five wives and seventeen children; the program tells that he loves women very much. His first impression when arrived from the mountains he thought that it was such a big society. Puspo comes from a small village where he farmed his sheep, cattle and other various animals. Puspo said that as he arrived in the city the…...

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