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Bbus 361 Course Schedule

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Date Topic Reading Practice Problems Assignment Due
1/3 Introduction
1/5 Overview of Accounting Environment Chpt 1 E1-1, 6, 7, 8
1/10 Review Accounting Process
Adjusting Entries and Financial Statement Preparation Chpt 2 pp. 50-83 E2-1,2,3,4,8, 11;
P2-5, 7 Top Dawn Espresso Problem*
1/12 WorldCom Case WorldCom Case
1/17 Accrual vs. Cash Flows; Inferring JE’s;
Statement of Cash Flows Chpt 2 pp. 83-93;
Chpt 4 pp. 198-207 E2-14, 17;
1/19 Chemalite Case Chemalite Case
1/24 Income Statement Presentation Chpt 4 pp. 168-198 E4-4, 6, 10; P4-1
1/26 Balance Sheet and Disclosures Chpt 3 pp. 112-132 E3-2, 5, 13; P3-2, 9
1/31 Financial Statement Analysis; Review Chpt 3 pp. 132-138; Chpt 5 pp. 263-269 E3-17,18,20; E5-20, 21, 22
2/2 Midterm
2/7 Revenue Recognition Chpt. 5 pp. 232-258, SAB 104 E5-2, 4, 10, 11, 14
2/9 Revenue Recognition Chap 5 pp. 258-263; P5-8; E5-1, 15, 16;
2/14 Revenue Recognition Chap 5
2/16 Circuit City Case Circuit City case
2/21 Revenue Recognition (wrap-up); Receivables Chpt 7 pp. 336-352;
Skip Sales Returns E7-5, 6, 8, 9, 11; P7-1, 2;
2/23 Review of Time Value of Money and Notes Receivable Chpt 6; Chpt 7 pp. 352-368 E6-1, 3, 6; E7-12, 13, P7-6 Writing Assignment
2/28 Receivables (wrap-up); Inventory Chpt 8, pp. 394-420 E8-13, 15, 19;
P8-8, 9
3/1 Inventory Chpt. 8, pp- 420-424 E 8-23, P8-15, 16
3/6 Inventory Chpt 9, pp. 446-465
LCM only E9-1, 2, 13, 14
3/8 Catch up and Review
3/13 Finan…...

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