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Playoff Proposal: To Pass or Not To Pass
In the never-ending discussion of a playoff system replacing the Bowl Championship Series poll in NCAA football, a controversial issue has been that universities are not acquiring their full amount of profit with the BCS. This long debated issue has many fans and analysts angry because they believe their input on the topic is the correct counsel. While some argue that the playoff system would be an outstanding opportunity for universities to show their true talent against higher ranked teams or the BCS has the potential to raise the greatest amount of revenue, others contend neither system should contend for the way to conclude a regular season of college football.
Promoting the thought that a playoff system is an incredible step for NCAA football in his article, “Playoff, Please,” Phil Taylor inserts his theory that college football will thrive on its new system of determining national champions. Taylor is adamant about the concept of enforcing a new postseason system that he believes it will change the name of college football in an astonishing way. He believes that allowing universities to participate in a playoff system could potentially be “the best thing that has happened to college football” (Taylor 5). Taylor prefers the playoff system because he believes smaller universities do not get a fair shot at winning a national title. He ensures the BCS “favors prestigious football teams”, even if win records are commensurate with one another. (Taylor 6) Taylor has faith the playoff system will change that aspect of college football, so that each team has an equal chance of becoming champions. Taylor trusts that the playoff system will work its own way out of a bind if it were to be caught up in a tragedy, which he thinks “the BCS does not have the power to achieve” (Taylor 7)

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