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Be a Team Player

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Be a Team player in the workplace?

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September 24, 2014

Pathpoint was founded as a “Work Training Program” for adults with disabilities and disadvantages. Pathpoint is a non-profit public benefit corporation and its mission is to provide comprehensive training and support that empowers people with disabilities to become valued members of the community by being able to live and work more independently. The company slogan is “Connecting People, Purpose and Community since 1964”. My role at Pathpoint is that of a Program Coordinator, some of my responsibilities include: the hiring and training of staff, assigning monthly training schedule, approval of community based activities, assist in the management of fiscal operations, setting a staff work schedule and maintaining compliance with licensing regulations, make sure building cleanliness is maintained, communicating important information to staff and clientele. Pathpoint serves a diverse population of persons with disabilities and their families and providing a team of supportive staff to meet their needs is vital to the success of the program and the future of the clients.
Factors affecting Teamwork
What are the factors involved that prevent an experienced, knowledgeable and valued employee from acting as a “Team Player”? Some of the factors I am looking at in this paper have to do with internal and external factors. Internal factors being derived from ideas of self efficacy. External factors include individual perceptions of management and the organizations support and training of team players. Can methods of communication have a positive or negative affect on an individual performing as a team player? What are the social influences that are either acting as an encouragement or discouragement to team participation?

Narrative Description
Pathpoint has a very low employee turnover...

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