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Our state could do MORE to prevent texting and driving but there isn't much they can do. It is people who need to reevaluate themselves and be responsible enough not to do it. Better campaigning is about all our state can do to prevent texting and driving, in hopes that it will enlighten more people just how much they are putting their lives at risk. The same educational efforts aimed at ensuring that all teen drivers know how dangerous texting and driving is needed to be aimed at adults as well. People of all ages need to be aware that they are putting other lives as well as their own lives at a huge risk. Making people pay thirty dollars for getting caught texting and driving won’t actually stop people from doing it. Many people think the state should just raise the fine on the ticket.
Sufficient Evidence. For drivers involved in fatal crashes, 21 percent of the distracted drivers were distracted by the use of cell phones (NHTSA). The fine for texting and driving in other states range from $25-$500, yet they have the same amount of accidents as we do here in Tennessee. The NHTSA states that thousands of people are injured or killed in car accidents caused by distracted drivers each year.
Tennessee could do an exceedingly better job at promoting the seriousness of distracted driving. But our people know that a lot is put on the line when they are driving distracted. They need to have enough authority and restraint amongst themselves not to text and drive. So yes our state could do a better job to prevent distracted driving but so can we, the people. Until people accept that the use of cellphones and other distractions is not safe while driving, accidents will continue to…...

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