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Be Graduate Engineer with 10+ Years of Work Experience Doing Mba Degree

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Door No.59, 1st Floor, Coconut Garden Layout, Opposite farm view apartment, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore: 560072
Email: Mob: (+91)9535848815

Career snapshot:

Over 10 years of cumulative experience in engineering & process industries, with 5 years as Team Leader - Automation. Able to work with the minimum of supervision whilst leading a team of twelve or more. Having a proven ability to lead the team, possessing management skills, think creatively and implement reliable solutions, improve best practices and organize time efficiently. Focused on facilitating the creation of quality products to meet customers’ expectations and achieve company goals.

Now looking forward to a company that offers new challenges in automation and a genuine opportunity for progression.

Key Skills:

← Expertise in Siemens, Rockwell, Festo, Messung & Mitsubishi PLC systems backed by expertise of PLC programming languages such as ladder logic & statement list. ← Adept at various SCADA systems like WinCC, WinCC flexible, RS View SE & RS View ME. ← Experienced in various HMI’s from Siemens and Rockwell systems. ← Abilities in network topologies like Ethernet & Profibus. ← Familiar with Visual Basic 6.0. ← Wide exposure to various field instruments like sensors, speed monitors, pressure switches, temperature sensors etc., electrical installation and commissioning. ← Process experience in rice/pulse, flour/maize, feed milling.

Core Competencies:

← Driving Project Management activities encompassing planning, Designing, and freezing various parameters, as well as quality & product validation guidelines. ← Coordinating with customers for understanding their technical requirements and facilitating the internal departments for developing technical blueprints. ← Administering team skill matrix for continuous improvement of delivery process by...

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