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Be a Network Marketing Supestar

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✯ Be a Network Marketing Superstar

There are countless reasons why every week more than 175,000 people start a network marketing business in America, and 475,000 sign on worldwide. (The Direct Selling Association reports that there are over 14 million people involved in network marketing in America, and more than 54 million worldwide.) In an increasingly uncertain world, more of us are seeking an alternative to the traditional pattern of study, work, and retire. Those willing to sacrifice family, friends, and leisure pursuits to the demands of a corporate employer are decreasing in number. Men and women alike are realizing that the best security in life is self-reliance. This shift in attitudes is having a profound effect, with a staggering increase in the number of people in the United States working from home compared to just five years ago. Women’s attitudes are changing just as fast. Although being a loving, involved parent is still the top priority for many women, fewer are prepared to gamble with their future and are making financial independence sit high on their list of priorities. Although the dream of owning your own business is appealing, statistics paint a more realistic picture of long hours, high stress, and low returns for small- to medium-size business owners, who struggle to make a profit after deducting costs for leasing, inventory, staff, and operations. The answer is network marketing, an opportunity to own your own business without taking on the burden of going it alone. It’s an entrepreneur’s dream. Here’s how network marketing works: As an independent representative (also known as a distributor, associate, consultant, member, or business owner) you form a partnership with a corporation that provides a product or service along with administrative and marketing support. With the corporation taking care of the back end of the business, you are...

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