Beautiful Mind

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A Beautiful Mind

In the movie A Beautiful Mind [JH1] John Nash has difficulty with dating and other types of social interaction. Nash gets anxious easily and stumbles. He has greasy, untamed hair and does not bath often. He sees, hears, and imagine people that do not exist.

Despite his apparent condition a beautiful woman falls in love and marries John Nash because she can see him for who he really is. His wife sees his brilliant mind through the odd propensities. As John Nash’s schizophrenia is discovered she is the first to understand and tries to help him out. To me this teaches all of us a great moral lesson that we could all learn from. Nash’s wife loved him for who he is regardless of what he was going through.[JH2]

[JH3] John Nash thinks the Russians are after him due to a project he worked on with the American Government. Throughout the movie, Mr. Nash is terrified of people coming to get him. He is a very fearful man and deals with that persistently, but eventually works to overcome it.

As John Nash’s Schizophrenia gets worse, a psychiatrist is notified and he takes Mr. Nash away. John takes medicine for schizophrenia for a while. He does not enjoy his medication and finally quits taking it. Mr. Nash fights his troubles with schizophrenia and earns awards for his mathematical accomplishments and his ability to overcome his greatest trouble, schizophrenia.

“A Beautiful Mind” is a wonderful movie exploring the strange and twisted workings of an insane genius’ mathematical mind. Although schizophrenic, John Nash is very intelligent and understands things many cannot comprehend. The movie begins when John Nash enters college and follows his journey through schizophrenia. At the end of the movie, he is a professor and receives incredible awards.

The movie is encouragement to fight the internal troubles each of us has. Many do not…...