A Beautiful Mind

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In the Movie “A Beautiful Mind” the main character John Nash is a graduate student at Princeton University. He states too many of his fellow classmates that class will dull your mind. He has a roommate named Charles who is considered to be his best friend. He is offered to go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he meets Alicia who eventually he marries and has a child with. Nash also meets a man by the name of William Parcher, who claims that he is a part of the Department of Defense. Nash was invited to go to the Pentagon to crack certain codes. Somehow Parcher talks Nash into looking for codes in newspapers and magazines. It is within this time period that Nash becomes extremely paranoid and starts to act irrationally.
Now that he is married to Alicia, she was extremely concerned about his before and decided to talk to Nash’s old friend Sol. Sol confirms that Nash has been taking secret envelops and dropping them off at an old mail box. She shows Nash in the hospital all of the letters that he dropped off in the mailbox but were never opened. Then he discovers that hallucinating and he finally understands that he is mentally unstable. This is where he finally understands that Parcher, Charles, and Charles niece are all products of his own imagination. He is diagnosed with schizophrenia and they place him into a mental hospital where he receives instant shock therapy five times a day for ten weeks.
When he finally moves back home he is required to take medicine everyday. When he stops taking the medicine he begins to hallucinate again. His wife is toppled over the edge when he accidentally almost drowned his son. She finally decides to cope with his schizophrenia. Nash decided to cope with his hallucinations by ignoring Charles, Parcher and Charles niece. Nash studies in the library at the Princeton library where he ends up becoming a teacher. A…...