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Definition Essay
To say that beauty is defined through the eye of the beholder is an accurate statement, yet quite cliche. Beauty is a something in a person or a thing that gives great pleasure to the mind and senses. Beauty is youth, a captivating smile, an alluring waterfall, and a sunset overlooking the vast ocean. There is no simple definition for this word and that in and of its self is beautiful. Although our worldly views of beauty have been shaken, twisted and contorted, the true meaning of beauty is beyond the single sentence Websters definition.
Ideal beauty of the physical body is strived for daily in our society and all over the world. We have constructed our own meaning of beauty and strive for it. To us, beauty is pleasing eyes and a warm smile. Beauty is long blonde hair with bronze skin and skyscraper legs.To some, beauty is association with other people who have been defined as beautiful by others, because of their physical features. To be included with them, comes the title of beauty.
Although these physical features are attractive, they do not accurately define beauty. This is such a shallow definition of the word.
Overtimes, the meaning and definition of this word has been altered and redefined according to society and what it deems as attractive. Having an emotional well-belling is attractive to some. In history, symmetry of the body has been viewed as beautiful since it suggest the absence of physical defects and deformities. Although cultures throughout the world vary greatly in a number of ways, science suggest that peoples perception of beauty is very similar. Style and fashion vary greatly, but the standards of beauty remain very similar.
Beauty can also be defined beyond physical descriptions. Beauty is success in life, and accomplishments. The road to success is often long and challenging, but the end result is rewarding and often described as beautiful.
Beauty is a deep thing and our shallow definition is often pathetic. It goes so far beyond physical appearance. Beauty is success, overcoming challenges and obstacles to reach a goal. Inner beauty is the positive characteristics of something that is not observable to the human eye, and often overlooked. Inner beauty holds more credit than all other definitions of beauty. Personality, character, and morals are all signs of inner beauty that make us attractive to others, whether that is realized or not.
The textbook definition of a word is often broad and open ended. The definition of beauty is no different. To look beyond the physical, and see the true beauty of a person or nature is a trait that is very admirable and should be strived for by those in society. Beauty is so much more that what we see, it is what is within us, the fire that guides our way, that really defines the beauty that we all posses, and God created.

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