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Tatted for life
Jessica Castellano
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Tatted for life
Couples exchange wedding rings to represent an unbreakable bond they have with one another. They also symbolize a lifelong devotion. More recently wedding band tattoos have become more common to see on many celebrities. They are also more likely to be seen on the fingers of Doctors and mechanics, rather than the traditional wedding bands. Wedding ring tattoos are a gorgeous way to symbolize your marriage, and to tell your partner that you believe this union is forever. So who’s to say that wedding rings are the only way to unify a marriage? Traditionally, couples exchange wedding rings to unify their marriage. Now days a lot more couples have chosen a different alternative to proving their love for one another. “It’s an important physical symbol of commitment” (Mcneil, 2008). Wedding ring tattoos have become more popular, especially with the celebrities. Celebrities such as Kathy Griffin, Ashlee Simpson, Jenna Jameson, Howard Stern, Hulk Hogan, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are known to have a tattoo symbolizing their dedication to their significant other. Even Levi Johnston, was said to have “Bristol” tattooed on his ring finger.
In addition to celebrities having wedding ring tattoos, many everyday people are getting these tattoos as well. Because of the profession they work in many Doctors, mechanics, plumbers, roofers, personal trainers, and welders are not able to wear their wedding bands all the time. So they decide to get a tattoo on their ring finger to represent they are in a unified commitment. Although a diamond, or a band of gold are how people generally symbolize their love for one another, they should not put so much focus on the ring itself. Anything can be a symbol of love. Even a tattoo in place of a big shiny diamond ring. If you are marrying the right person, the way you two choose to symbolize that union really should not matter. If someone needs a ring to prove their love, it is not their lack of a ring that is the problem. To me tattoos are a way to express one’s self, whether it be an image, a saying, or a name. Coming from a person who has many tattoos, including my ex fiancés name tattooed down the whole side of my right rib cage, tattoos mean something. At the time when a person is getting a tattoo their feelings and emotions are involved. They loved this person so much, and they had a bond so great with them they thought they would be together for the rest of their lives. My tattoo is not a small wedding band. No, this tattoo takes up one whole side of my body. At the time it seemed like a good idea. We had been together for ten years and were engaged to be married. Well as everyone knows, everything is subject to change. Even though we are no longer together I do not regret getting this tattoo. I am not ashamed of it. It is a visual representation of an emotional experience I went through. Although this tattoo is a part of my identity, it is unfair to my new partner to have to stare at the reminder of my old life. Luckily he respects that, and is not forcing the issue of me covering up a big piece of my old life. I am all for choosing wedding ring tattoos over the traditional wedding rings. People should stop trying to convince men that their love for their future wife is directly proportional to the expense of a fancy diamond ring, and women should not expect love in the form of a shiny diamond ring. Marriage at its core is merely a contract. Our souls evolve every day. Wedding ring tattoos are a great, creative, much deeper symbolic way to join the union of love between two people. My advice to anyone who is thinking about getting a wedding ring tattoo, make sure they are absolutely sure about it, and choose something that represents them. Remember you are branding your love and commitment on your body for the rest of your life. Wedding rings can always be taken off. Tattoos are forever.

Mcneil, D., Jr. (2008, September 12). With this tattoo i thee wed. Retrieved from

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