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Beauty Pageants: We Do Not Need Them

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The popularity of beauty pageants started to increase in America after the first contest was held in the early 1921’s but the ideas that used to run the competitions back in that time changed drastically when the contests started being televised in the mid 1950’s (Watson). With more than 100 000 pageants taking place every year, more people were watching and more women were being exposed to the idea of the ideal American woman that is depicted by the participants chosen to compete (Barash). Over the years, the objectivity of women has been shown in the most obvious ways during the certain contest rounds and disturbingly, pageants are still being socially accepted. Beauty pageants should not be allowed to continue because they do not portray women in the correct manner but instead allow the misconceptions of self-objectification and self-concepts to continue. When beauty pageants were first created, they were meant for young teenage girls usually between the ages of 16 to 25 (Smart). Unfortunately, child beauty pageants started to arise in the 1960’s. For over fifty years, children have been subjected to the world of beauty pageants where they have been forced to behave as young adults rather than the five year olds they actually are and being taught unrealistic ideas of what they should look like. "What they are learning basically is that they have one characteristic which is of total primary importance, and that is their body and their attractiveness," said Syd Brown, a child and adolescent psychologist practicing in Maryland (Schultz). The big hairdos, make up, fake nails and fake teeth go far beyond the usual dress up that young girls enjoy; these aspects change the way young girls perceive themselves.
Beauty pageants do not place emphasis on the inner skills, inner beauty and values but rather teach children to devote their time and energy purely to their...

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