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We decide to open a modern restaurant which are now in the food-service industry.
The attractiveness of the food-service industry is relative high because China has a long history of food culture. What’s more, Chinese have a belief in their mind called “food is the paramount necessity”. We could use huge to describe the size about this industry, especially in China.
The barriers to entry this industry is depend on the scale of this restaurant. Everybody could open a restaurant in a suburb area which has relative low rent. However, if we want to open a elegant restaurant in the urban area even in the CBD or SOHO area, it is essential for us to select a good place to invest and invest a lot of money to decorate it.
Across the country as a whole, the growth rate of restaurant in China present a relative increase trend. I think High profitability is one of the main factors to attract many investors to entry this industry.
As the order restaurant in the CBD area, we could identify the famous restaurant called “South beauty” as our direct competitors. The cuisines of this restaurant is primarily Szechuan and Cantonese food. This type of food has a common feature is hard to cook, so it will lead to the result as slowly. If we focus on “South beauty” restaurant, we could find that many people compliment on its decoration and dining environment. The decorative style in this restaurant is very luxury. You will feel that you are having dinner in a five-star hotel. Due to this reason, the average price of the dishes is costly.
The dishes are very delicacy and many people praise that they saw the very beautiful Chinese food in this restaurant. However, the size of every dishes is relative small so you have to order several dishes from the menu. That is another reason that you have to pay a lot of money to eat here.

According to this graph, it is easy for us to know...

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