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Beauty: the Root of Evil

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Seductive looks. Sexy body. Glittering eyes. Kissable lips. Pinkish cheeks. Tantalizing beauty. And inviting curves. Beauty is a crime.
There are thousands of definitions for beauty. Each has a face and a story to tell. And there are many degrees of it. But how do you define beauty? Scientists describe beauty as a summation of averages. Geometrically, it is a configuration of symmetrical lines. While poets said beauty is in the eye of beholder. Yet, is it really in the eye of beholder?
Nowadays, the outer appearance of a person tells how beautiful she is. And unfortunately people criticize directly on what’s been displayed outside without even peeking on the beauty within. For as long as you’ve got that pleasing and mesmerizing looks, you’re in the list. It may be sad, but the essence of real beauty is now slowly fading away. However, there is also sadness in beauty. Beauty could be ugly. It could be a threat. And it could be a crime. It is the beauty that drives a person to commit a crime and sometimes used to create such one.
Women are designed to be beautiful. Her skin, hair and other features were created to be soft and appealing, and her body was fashioned to be attractive to men. Every inch of hers were solely created for men. A woman is for pleasure. And without them, man would be incomplete and omit one piece of him.
As we glance to the current society we live in, where everyone gives emphasis to physical appearance and how they will look like minute by minute and day by day, we see women running to plastic surgeons and done many kinds of procedures just to simply enhance their looks. Humanity is now obsessed to physical appearance. And with such obsession, people are not just killing away the soul of beauty but it too generates various crimes.
Every place in the world where, adultery was committed, third-party was involved, re-marital sex were done,...

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