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`For Your Eyes Only’



1.0. Patch test for eye treatments (tinting and false lashes) 2.1. Importance of patch test 2.2. How to patch test 2.3. Positive and Negative reaction for patch test 2.4. Purpose and Result of patch test 2.5. Why and Where to record patch test result
1.6. Legal implications of patch test

2.0. Chart to identify Normal and Adverse Reactions
2.1. Brow shaping
2.2. Tinting
2.3. False lashes

3.0. Chemical reaction that creates tinting effect

4.0. Suitable shape for face shapes and why
4.1. Oblong
4.2. Square
4.3. Heart
4.4. Round
4.5. Diamond

5.0. Diagram of hair shaft and its functions

6.0. Eye enhancing treatments procedure and general information, cost, benefits and effects
6.1. Eyelash extensions
6.2. Semi-permanent eye make-up
6.3. Eyelash Perming

7.0. Conclusion

8.0. Bibliography


To identify allergens a patch test that is carried out. A tint or adhesive is applied to the skin on the inside of your arm near the elbow or behind the ear. The client will have this on for 24 hours, if the area is red, itchy or swollen, the test is positive and the treatment cannot be carried out. If there is no reaction the test is negative and treatment can be carried out.

The products (tint, false lash) may contain ingredients whose safety is unclear or which are known to pose health risks. This is why it is very important to have a patch test to check your body's reaction to these products (tint, false lash) before you have any eye treatment.
The patch test needs to be carried out at least 24 hours before your actual appointment to allow time for any delayed reactions.
The therapist will then discuss the look you want and what colour tint / lash would suit your complexion most, whether blue-black, brown, and black or client preference.
The treatment should take no longer than 15 to 30 minutes depending on what treatment you are having.
The tint is permanent but the effects will only last about 4-6 weeks depending on the hair growth cycle. When each tinted hair reaches the end of its cycle it will fall out and cause the darker look to gradually fade over time.

These day clients want a natural, subtle, barely there make up that enhances how they look. They want to look good from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed without the need to apply makeup.

Micro pigmentation is also a good treatment but it is not possible to determine the length of time the pigment will remain visible although some colour will remain to a greater or lesser degree because the pigment or colour is deposited in the dermal layer of the skin. The skin of each client varies depending on their natural skin desquamation process.

This is why therapist will usually recommend that treatments are re-applied when necessary to improve the appearance; this may be anything from 6 - 18 months depending on client preference and the initial colour chosen.

1.0) A patch is important when carrying out some eye treatments
Explain the following:-

1.1) Why a patch test is important

You can never be completely sure how your skin or hair will react to certain products or chemical content, which is why patch test is so important.
Patch test helps identify if the client has any sensitivity or irritation to the product (tint, glue) before the treatment is carried out.
Patch tests are very important and must always be carried out at least 24 hours before treatment to allow time for any delayed reactions.
If a patch test is not carried out the client could have a severe reaction that could be detrimental to their health.

1.2) How to carry out a patch test for tinting and false lashes (individual & strip)

Application of the patch tests will only take a few minutes
For tinting - mix hydrogen peroxide and tint together and apply mixture on the inside of your arm near the elbow or behind ear, allow drying and leaving on for 24 hours to allow time for any delayed reactions.
For false lashes - Apply a small amount of adhesive behind the ear; allow drying and leaving on for 24 hours to allow time for any delayed reactions.

1.3) The characteristics of a positive and negative reaction

If there is a reaction it means the client is positive (itchy, red, and swollen on the patch test area) and treatment cannot be carried out. If there is no reaction it means client is negative and treatment can be carried out. 1.4) How you would explain the purpose and result of a patch test to your client

The purpose of a patch test is to make sure the client does not have an allergic reaction to the products being used.
If a reaction occur it means the client is positive (itchy, red, and swollen on the patch test area) and the treatment obviously cannot be given.
If no reaction occurs it means client is negative and treatment can be carried out.
The therapist should emphasize on the health and safety consequences of not having a patch test.

1.5) Where and why patch test results should be recorded

The result should be recorded in both client record card and consultation sheet for the purpose of client (health and safety) and yourself (from litigation/ insurance).
1.6) Discuss the legal implications of not carrying out a patch test

If a therapist does not patch test a client and they react to the product, no matter how minor the reaction, they can decide to sue and you could be prosecuted.
Also if you are insured but have not carried out a patch test on client before treatment, your insurance is void as it will not cover against this type of claim. By conducting a patch test you are protecting both your client (health and safety) and yourself (from litigation).

2.0) Produce a chart to identify the normal and adverse reactions to the following treatments:-

Brow shaping
False lashes

Treatments | Normal Reaction | Adverse Reaction | Brow Shaping | Swelling of the skin Stinging sensation Watery eyes Erythema Blood spotting | Bruising of the skin Skin irritation Infection because the pores are open | Tinting | Swelling of the skin Slight itching Erythema | Allergic reactions Eye irritations Burning sensation | False lashes | Irritation Inflammation Redness of eyes ItchingWatery eyes | Can cause damage to natural eye lashes Can prevent growth of eyelash if hair follicle is destroyedEye infection if eyelashes are damaged and unable to protect the eyes |

3.0) Describe the chemical reaction which creates the tinting effect

When the tint (dye) is mixed with hydrogen peroxide a chemical reaction called oxidation occur.
Hydrogen peroxide contains an extra atom of oxygen which attaches itself to the colour molecule in the tint (dye) this cause the colour molecule to increase in size as oxidation takes place. When the tint is applied to the hair it penetrates the cuticles and the molecules continue to grow in size during the oxidation process until it is trapped in allowing the tint to colour the hair.

4.0) When assessing your clients’ eyebrows, what would be the most suitable shape for the following face shapes and why


Oblong | The eyebrow should be almost horizontal (flat or straight). A more horizontal, flat brow makes the face appear shorter. | This will create an illusion to avoid further elongation of the face. | Square | The arch brow creates an oval impression. A square jaw is a strong feature; balance it to soften and take away the sharpness in the corners. | This will soften the feature, elongate the face to make face not too square. This draws attention away from the square jaw. | Heart | The rounded (oblique) brow to soften the pointed chin, taking focus of the chin. | This will soften your look and create a beautiful heart shape using the point of your chin as the heart bottom and the brows as the top of the heart. | Round | The angular brow make a round face appear less round by making the face appear longer. | This takes away the roundness and sharpness of the face to give a slimmer appearance. | Diamond | The angular arched brows soften the angles in your diamond face shape with a bit of roundness. | This will both soften your look and make the widest portion of your face look less wide. |

5.0) Include a labeled diagram of the hair shaft and for each part explain its function


Cuticle: This protects the layers of the hair and contains keratin a protein that helps make it hard

Medulla: This is the DNA store; it is not present in all hairs only in large thick ones

Cortex: This is the thickest part of the hair; it provides its strength and determines both the colour and the texture of the hair.

6.0) Research and describe the following three eye enhancing treatments:-

Eyelash extensions (lashes which last 6-8 weeks approx.)
Semi-permanent eye make-up (micro-pigmentation)
Eyelash Perming

For each treatment you must discuss:-

The procedure and general information.
The benefits and effects.
The cost.

Treatment | Procedure | Benefits and Effects | Cost | Eyelash extensions (lashes which last 6-8 weeks approx.) | Cleanse eye area with eye makeup remover.Select length and colour close to clients lash colour or clients preference.Pickup lash using tweezers and dip the false lash into a tiny amount of adhesive placing each lash at the client’s natural eyelash root.Following the natural curve of the eyelid.Shorter lashes are applied at the inner/outer corner of the eye and longer ones at the centre. When the glue has dried, comb through the lashes to blend in with the natural lash.This should last approximately 2-4 weeks and will grow out with the natural hair. | Suitable for clients that are allergic to tint and mascara.It creates a good look for special occasion.It makes natural lashes look fuller, longer and darker.It helps in defining the eyes.It helps emphasize and enhance the eyes.It is weightless and natural looking. | Ranging from £15 to £25 | Semi-permanent eye make-up (micro-pigmentation) Semi-permanent eye make-up (micro-pigmentation) | An anesthetic cream may be first applied to help minimise discomfort.The practitioner will then mark out the area to be treated with a cosmetic pencil to create a template or guideline for the procedure.The selected pigments are blended and implanted into the skin with a very fine needle attached to a small hand held electrical device. Since the top layer of the skin (epidermis) continually desquamates, the color is tattooed on both the top skin layer and the skin layer below (dermis).The treatment may take about half an hour.An anesthetic is applied after treatment to reduce discomfort. The result is a natural looking make-up and will last anything from 6-18 months. | Swelling or redness is generally mild.Discomfort during procedure is avoided by using by local anesthesia.Good alternative for clients with make-up allergiesThe process is relatively quickThe colour do not smudge or wipe off, it is waterproof.Do not require daily application. | Ranging from £200 to £500 Ranging from £200 to £500 | Eyelash Perming Eyelash Perming | Remove all make-up with eye makeup remover and ensure lashes are completely dry before you start treatment. Check for contra-indications that may prevent or restrict treatment.Select the right size curler, depending on the length of the lashes and bend it slightly to fit the shape of the eyelid; positioning the curler along the root of the lashes.Using a clean applicator stick carefully curl the lashes one by one onto the curler; Making sure the lashes are straight and do not overlap. Apply the lash glue to help the lashes adhere round the curler. Dip cotton bud into the Permanent Lotion and apply to lashes from root to tip; not allowing the lotion touch the skin to avoid irritation. Cover the lashes with a warm damp cotton pad as this will help provide the heat needed to speed the curling process, leave this on for about 15 minutes.Using a clean cotton bud apply the Fixing Lotion and cover the lashes again with a warm damp cotton pad and allow to set for about 12 minutes. Leaving the curler in place, remove the fixing lotion carefully with a warm damp cotton pad. The Nourishing Lotion is then applied with cotton bud to moisturise and nourish the permed lashes, leave this on for 5 minutes.Using the Cleansing Lotion on a damp cotton wool pad, wipe over the eye using an upward motion to remove the curler and excess glue or residue. Remove all final traces of product with warm damp cotton pads; then apply moisturiser to soothe and restore area. | There is no need to use an eyelash curler.It opens and enlarges the look of the eyes.It offers a younger looking appearance especially for clients whose eyelids are beginning to droop.The lashes remain curled and are waterproof.The effects can last a few months, depending on the individual (hair growth cycle). The eyes become prominent and highlighted. Perming most times eliminate the need for mascara. | Ranging from £25 to £35 Ranging from £25 to £35 |


I have tried a few products only to end up with a terrible reaction or irritation because I did not have a patch test before applying the product. Virtually all hair care and skincare products carry information stressing the importance of performing a patch test prior to using the product but most of the time we ignore this information.

Everyone should take caution when trying out new products; because you can only know if the ingredients contained in the products can trigger an allergic reaction through having a patch test. The tint is one product where patch tests are critical. Patch tests are a must before tinting the hair especially around the eyes.

Doing a patch test is not rocket science it is simply common sense. You can never be completely sure how your skin or hair will react to certain products or ingredients, which is why patch test is so important. Despite this, people continue to ignore the warnings on the labels of the products they use. Always remember you are better off having a patch test rather than exposing yourself to the risks and consequences of not.


Main research and general finding:

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True Beauty

...just what you look like; true beauty lies in the way people act and think, rather than the way they look. True beauty cannot only be found in people, but also in places. Beauty is a very broad term. People as well as places can be beautiful. Everyone is unique in his or her own way, and I for one believe that that is simply beautiful. Beauty is defined by a combination of qualities present in a person that pleases aesthetic senses or brings about deep satisfaction. True beauty is an amazing characteristic to have. Unfortunately, the definition of true beauty can sometimes be shaken and distorted by society. Society often deems celebrities as perfect and beautiful. Society’s expectations of beauty are all wrong. In society’s eyes, you are only beautiful if you have an amazing body and your hair and makeup always look perfect, but they have it all wrong. Beauty does not have to mean the outside appearance. True beauty is what is on the inside. For instance, someone who is genuine, friendly, and giving can be very beautiful even if she or he does not have the perfect body. Appearance is only part of the definition of beauty. For example, Taylor Swift is an all around beautiful celebrity. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian does not really fit the beautiful term. This is because Taylor is beautiful on the inside and outside while Kim Kardashian was only made famous because of her appearance and wrong doings, not her talents or personality. Beauty is a very broad term. Many......

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