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Because It Is Running by by Jo Llloyd

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Because it is running
We all dream. We yearn for that day where we will turn our lives around. We think of how unbreakably we will love, how fierce we will be, and how our lives will never be the same dull grey mass floating around in all eternity without anyone ever really noticing us or remembering us. But no matter how much and how hard we dream, these dreams rarely come true because in our tedious existence we have something maybe even more important than the perfect body, social circle, opinions etc.: We have security.
The yearning for changes is the main focus of the short story Because It Is Running By by Jo Lloyd. There is a kind of omniscient 3rd person narrator which gives us an impression of the characters but on the same time the narrator seems to be bound to Wil and thus we hear very little of Edie’s past and only know what she is thinking about Wil.
The style of writing is quite interesting. There is a lot of dialog and in order to understand the situation, feelings, and personality of the characters the dialogs are very useful. The dialog is covered direct speech, which makes the story fragmented, and also leaves the impression that the reader is part of the story. Also the style is very minimalistic. No detailed descriptions of the places they visit or stay are given nor of the emotions that are between the characters. This means the reader has to be very involved when reading the text. The short story has a certain theatrical quality to it because of the style of writing, so the reader can almost imagine the action happening on a stage although the surroundings are barely described.
The text is linear and there are passages similar to flash backs in it, for example page 1 lines 18-23. It is not a flash back though because the reader is not actually taken back in time and the characters do not re-experience the situation. Even though the story is...

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