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Becoming A Forensic Scientist

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“Forensic Science uses an extent of science to answer questions related to legal situations.” Myself being consequently 5’2, I hope to make a change one day, 17 years young, with crime all around I hope to become a Forensic Scientist. Think about it, with myself being only in my adolescent years, the fact I have not participated much in relation of this is not much of a bombshell. At this age, it would be hard to witness crimes right ahead of you.

Going into senior year, many colleges contacted me; moreover the troubles of gaining a scholarship, it is just one hardship to overcome. When entering college, I pray to obtain an internship to enhance my knowledge of this criteria.

Ordinarily a student athlete is one of the resilient tasks to...

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...been at its highest this year. Forensic science has played a major part in investigating crimes and searching for evidence that is not seen by the naked eye(Dillon). The field of forensics is continually growing, causes of death have become more interesting, autopsies are more critical, and the salary is appreciable(Gewin). Since there are only 18 forensic science undergraduate programs in the US that have been authorized by the American Academy of Forensic Science, my prospective college choices are limited. After tackling the time it will take to earn my bachelors in forensics(4 years), then finish medical school and four years of residency, it will eventually all be worth the wait. The educational path required to achieve my goal of becoming a forensic scientist will be a long, exhausting process. The different characteristics of forensic science- like the use of analytical techniques- is what sets itself apart from just any other science degree(Thorpe). Being just a junior in high school, KEES money plays a major role in helping me decide where I go...

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Cyber Crime in India real space for business, education and politics. The growing danger from crimes committed against computers, or against information on computers, is beginning to claim attention in the India. The digital age has dramatically changed the scope of a crime by adding the electronic component and it comes a new form of science ≴Computer Forensic Science≵. Computer Forensic allows for the evidence of cyber crime to be admissible in court when prosecuting the cyber criminal. In most countries, existing laws are likely to be unenforceable against such crime. Cyber laws, as it stand today, gives rise to both positive & negative consequences. The main negative consequences is the digital soup so vague that many refer to it as the dark sides of technology and that cyber criminal currently have upper hand. The applicability and effectiveness of our existing laws need to be constantly reviewed to face the risk coming from the cyber world. In this paper we are going to firstly describe the computer forensic, cyber crimes, cyber laws of nation & technology challenges. Aim of this paper is to act as a catalyst to raise awareness regarding computer forensic which continues to grow as one of the most important branch of science and help in investigation of cyber crime which continues to grow as one of the most potent threats to the Internet and computer users of the cyber society of 21st century in India Introduction The rapid change occurring in the present era of Information......

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