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Becoming Truly Converted

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New Testament Class The Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest blessings that we as members of the church have in our lives. I have often wondered what it means to be converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Is it a process that occurs over night with one turning event? Is it a list of events or people that help contribute to this conversion process? My conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ is unique to me. Others have had similar experiences that have one thing in common, the principle of faith leading to action and desire. I was fortunate to be born into the covenant. I learned and tried to be a faithful follower of the church, however when I was 14 years old my life began to change forever. My family and I had recently moved to a town not too fare from Palmyra New York. My time in Sunday School was the worst experience of my life. Through the teasing and taunting of the youth of my class. The youth in my ward would exclude me from activities and call me names. I often wondered during that time of my life if the church was true. If the church was true why was this happening to me? Why were the youth the church tormenting me? My parents tried to council me without much success. I began to develop strong desirers not to attend church anymore. Fortunately my parents would not allow it. To this day I will forever be grateful for my loving parents who always tried to care for me and help me during my this time of great torment for me. Instead an arrangement was made that I would attend class with my parents instead. The lesson on the first Sunday that I attended was on the Restoration of the gospel. I had heard the story of the first vision dozens of times, however this time seemed different. When the teacher read “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and...

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