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Bed and Breakfast Marketing Analysis

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Executive Summary ............................................................................................................... 2
Introduction ....................................................................................................................... 2 - 3
Market Analysis ................................................................................................................ 3 - 7
Target Market Analysis .................................................................................................. 7 - 10
Marketing Strategies .................................................................................................... 10 - 12
Conclusion ............................................................................................................................. 13
References ...................................................................................................................... 14 - 15

1.0 Executive Summary
Borneo Safe Haven Bed and Breakfast is a bed and breakfast hotel business that is located exactly at the hearts of Kuching City. Kuching has millions of foreign travellers coming in and out every year ever since year 2010. Kuching has attracted many tourists due to the cleanliness of the city, the many tourist attraction places like museums and national parks, the friendliness of the citizens in Kuching also welcomed a lot of the tourists that visited Kuching. We will be utilising an old shop house and convert it into a modernized bed and breakfast hotel yet providing the customers the feel of staying in Borneo. We will also have a rooftop swimming pool with chilling areas and lounge that will serve light snacks and beverages while customers overlook the city of Kuching which will make us the first bed and breakfast in Kuching to have such facilities to provide a better stay experience for both the…...

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