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Preparation Outline
» Bees have a place in our world that is important beyond our understanding.
> The small little insect, that some may swat away at, works tirelessly around us to pollinate and present the possibility of further human development on earth.
» Did you know that bees pollinate the majority of our fruits and vegetables?
> Global Research of CA has found that just within the last five years, “30% of the national bee population has disappeared and nearly a third of all bee colonies in the U.S. have perished.” (Statistic, Global Research Of California)
• Bees are going extinct at this high rate due to climate change, pesticides, diseases, and parasites.
> Honeybees and the other pollinators have the invaluable job of pollinating that provides us with “approximately one-third of everything we eat!” according to (Statistic, Tucker)
• Yet we still take advantage and continue to let their population decline.
» Today I will be talking about how pollination works, the benefits bees have on our world, and what people are doing to prevent the decline of the bee population any further.
Transition: The most important thing that bees do is pollinate. Pollination is needed for plants to reproduce, and so many plants depend on bees as pollinators. (Explanation)
Body #1
» When a bee comes to collect nectar and pollen from the flower of a plant, some pollen sticks to the hairs of their bodies.
> When the bee travels to the next flower, some of the pollen, on its body, is rubbed off and fertilization is made possible.
» Plants rely on bees and other insects to reproduce, so they have adapted to become more attractive to them.
> Bees are drawn to plants with open flowers and lots of pollen and nectar.
> A flower's scent can have particular appeal to bees
> Its bright colors may lure the bees in.
» Pollination produces...

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