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That is when our situation went from good to bad. We were experiencing a traveler's worst nightmare. When we walked back to the place we stayed, I saw three girls were cycling on the left on us, so we avoid them by walking nearer to the path at the right. At that time, I heard a motorcycle sound from back riding to the right of us. Fyi, the right side of us were only a small path and I asked my friend:" Hey, why this motor wanted to ride so near to us and he don't use the left path..." And we had been robbed, because that time my friend were carrying a clutch bag of mine. The first reaction after getting robbed was "ARE WE GOT ROBBED?" We had been stunned and frightened, I don't know how we walked back to the place we stayed. I never thought that I will be robbed in one day, like never. And we started to be sentimental about everyone around us, when people slightly near us, we will be terrified and double check our belongings. We started to suspect everyone around us, we can't trust anyone. But luckily we were fine after few days.
It is not my intent to speak about the relative safety of third world countries. So far, I never heard any story about other people getting robbed in Cambodia. *I'm the unlucky one TT

What I learned after getting robbed?

Don't be so naive, the are also cruel people outside the world.
Must always be careful and on alert. We were so happy that time and thought the place was very safe because the village people we met are so kind, so our awareness are 30% on that night.
But I'm quite lucky because the belongings I lost were

power bank(can't use my phone on bus because need to contact host on the next stop, phone always die when I saw nice scenery) phone cable notes book (all my travel memories TT)
RM1 (hope the robber happy with it ^____^) rubber band umbrella(this is why I became so tanned) bus tickets (luckily the receptionist gave us a new ticket without buying it)
Identity card (I think the robber was cursing on my pic because all the thing he robbed are useless for him lolllll, but he wasted my RM110 to redo new identity card -.-)
Luckily I had some senses that it is better to put my money and phone in my pocket so my trip can still continue. To be honest, the experience is good for me, because if I get robbed in other place, maybe more valuable things will lost. And we are more careful throughout the journey. I learned that misfortunes happen and there are cruel people in this world, but it’s important to not close yourself off and lose trust in humanity when bad things happen. It is important to always follow your gut and remember that with every misfortune comes good-fortune and that there are kind, generous and loving people in this world. I meet a lot of kind, generous and loving people in this trip too!

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