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Beer and Sports

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Beer and Sports
Sports are a huge source of entertainment in the world. Watching sports is an excellent activity that the whole family can enjoy. More than ever before, fans in America can turn on their HDTVs and tune into their sporting event of choice. With such a large quantity of viewers glued to their TV sets, companies have begun paying top dollar to direct their advertisements at sports enthusiasts. Commercials relating to sports have commonly been extremely successful and consumers purchase these companies products at an astounding rate. The problem I have with sports related advertisements specifically relates to the beer industry. These are some of the most profitable corporations and suck people in with multimillion-dollar commercials. These commercials are clever yet often deceitful. Beer commercials also air more frequently than that of nearly any other product. This gives viewers a constant reminder to purchase a product that, in fact, can be dangerous and detrimental to one's health. Beer commercials should be banned from televised sporting events because beer commercials make viewers believe they are dependent on alcohol consumption to enjoy watching sports. Watching televised sports is viewed as a social event. Gathering around the television with friends, living and dying with every pitch, is a rich part of the American culture and its tradition. These are the moments people look forward to. Spending time with ones closest friends while watching their favorite sports team is a way to escape the pressures of everyday life and enjoy professional sports at its finest. TV and sports have an extraordinary ability to bring people closer together as people celebrate their team’s accomplishments in real time. Corporations know
Milgram 2 this to be true. Companies spend millions of...

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