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Behavior Change Project

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According to the World Health Organization nutrition is the intake of food considered in relation to the body's dietary needs. However, nutrition does not just stop at the foods that someone eats. To be considered in good health, a balanced diet must be combined with regular physical activities to help in the aid of being considered in good health. A person's nutrition has an effect on how the person can look, feel, think and even act. As nutrition decreases the risks of disease and illness become greater. Some of the main problems associated with poor nutrition are obesity/underweight, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and reduced immunity to diseases. In many cases poor nutrition can be prevented, it is just a matter of what the person will do for themselves.
One of the more common effects of poor nutrition and lack of physical activities is found in Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is when the body can no longer use its insulin effectively, or create enough of it. This lack of insulin can have many different effects on the body. The symptoms of it include excessive excretion of urine, thirst, constant hunger, vision changes and fatigue. These symptoms are usually not found as early as they are in type 1, and are usually found after complications for diabetes are occurring. Another major result of poor nutrition and poor activity habits is in obesity. Obesity is one of the largest factors of health problems affecting people that can be easily prevented or fixed. Obesity is when the amount of fat in the body is much greater than amount of muscle. The causes of this are when someone eats many unhealthy foods, food in great portions, and lack of exercise. Because of this obesity has a large effect on the stresses you body must try to handle. Some of the typical problems that result from it are heart disease, kidney disease,...

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