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Biology and Behavior Worksheet

Respond to the following questions in 150-200 words each.

1. Select a hormone and describe how it affects the mind and body. Describe a situation where you experienced this effect.

The endocrine system is a communication system that uses glands, rather than neurons, to convey messages. These messages are delivered by hormones, chemicals released into the bloodstream that can cause aggression and mood swings. As well as influence growth, alertness, cognition, and appetite. The thyroid gland regulates the rate of metabolism by secreting thyroxin. Thyroid stimulating hormone helps to regulate the body’s thyroid which is crucial in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Thyroid is found in both women and men, the thyroid controls person’s metabolism. It is located in the front of the neck. The thyroid gland influences almost all of the metabolism processes in your body. Thyroid disorders can caused cancer. A few years ago my mother had to have surgery to have all her female organs removed. Shortly after that my mother begin having problems with her weight going up and down. She now takes medicine to help her maintain a healthy metabolism.

2. Select an action you perform on a daily basis. Outline which parts of the nervous system are involved and how they work together to perform this action.

There are many different daily activities I perform that involves parts of the nervous system. One daily activity I perform is exercising which involves the somatic nervous system. The somatic nervous system is the branch of the parasympathetic nervous system. The somatic nervous system includes the sensory nerves and motor nerves. The sensory nerves gather information from sensory receptors, which sends it to the central nervous system. The motor nerves receive information from the...

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