Behavior of Mobile Communication Devices Users’ Statisfaction Level

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A Research Developed in Fulfilling the Course Completion of Managerial Data Analysis

by Daniel Vincent Hadikrisno December 2011 .


I hereby declare that this submission is my own work and, to the best of my knowledge, contains no material previously published or written by another person.

Jakarta, 18th of December 2011

( Daniel Vincent Hadikrisno )


The main purpose of this research is to study the behavior of mobile communication device customers; what affects their decision in deciding to purchase and use a particular mobile communication device over the other. This is done by analyzing their statisfaction level towards their current mobile communication device based on factors that the writer have determined beforehand. The data are gathered using questionnaires that are distributed to young adults and adults who are currently using at least one of the three most popular mobile communication devices in Jakarta: Blackbery, iPhone, and Android. The data are then gathered and transformed into three different regression model, where test of significances can be taken towards them. The result is that the three mobile communication devices are each fulfilling a different specific need of the customers. These differences are actually their competitive advantage over their direct competitors. Therefore, should a new product would like to be released, make sure that it fulfills a specific custoemers’ need that have not been fulfilled by any existing product; or if its possible, consider to invent a new need for the customers.


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