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Behavioral Study Habits

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The purpose of the review of related literature and studies is to give several ideas on how the researchers formulate the proposed study.
Foreign Literature In conformity with Mcknight (2006) he explained that habits are formed through repetition. Once formed, habits are difficult to break. And it is formed when we are young and are likely to stay with us in all our lives. It requires experiences whether they may bad or may be good. Sometimes, it may refer also as a routine of a person as he or she lives his or her life. Habits are being chosen and not hut something that happens without a reason. As for the study habit specifically, it has to be processed and developed in order to come up with a good one. It is not easy for students especially those who are not consistent with what they are doing to develop their study habit because it requires consistency and persistence in order to let one’s study habit stay in our lives. Attaining one’s ideal study habit is a long- way process. Mark Crilly (2000) said that “Successful students are able to balance social activities with good study habits.” A diversion from studies will alleviate stress and help prevent from becoming fatigued. He said that a student should make sure that he must take a break for an hour after studies to meet with friends, to play some cards, work out at the gym, or to gab with anew acquaintance. For this way, that student will find concentration when he do study, if he plans a social activity afterwards. He said, “To develop a healthy social life, develop routine study habits. After supper, lug your books and homework to the library, find a comfortable and quiet niche, and study for two or three hours, taking intermittent 10 minute breaks every 45 minutes or so.” Making friends with whom you share similar study habits, and share a table or a study space with them would be a best way in developing...

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