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Behind the Pink Curtain

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Behind the Pink Curtain Author, Jennifer Price, in her essay, The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History, establishes her thoughts on the plastic flamingo in the 1930s. Price’s purpose is to uses the horation style of satire in order to serve her point that American society is based on the impractical concepts of capitalism, and the American Dream. She adopts a humorous tone in order to appeal to the average American who may not be conscious of how ignorant they are on the subject of marketing and corporal influences. When the flamingo “splashed” into the 50s, it symbolized the beaches of Miami in the artificial world that was associated with the plastic yard decoration as well as the resort's destination (Miami). Price establishes humorous syntax to bring a joyful and jocular tone to her essay. The "wealth and pizzazz" is comparable to the American dream that died away long ago while it lightly mocks how Americans conceive that planting a pink plastic bird in the front of their yard can be a symbol of “pizzazz" or extravagance. Based on the fact that the flamingos were hunted "to extinction in Florida ", it is strange how the Florida tourist industry could market and build gigantic tourist attractions and tremendous amounts of money based on this long-lost idea, the (American Dream) the flamingo. It's like planting a dodo bird in your front lawn; the animal is instinct and does not fit in with the surrounding landscape, however for some apparent reason, it symbolizes wealth and luxury on the disgusting beaches crowded with fat tourists in Miami. Even the gangster of the 1930s “Benjamin Bugsy Siegel” created an oasis based off an artificial animal (artificial as in the plastic, unnaturally pink figure based off of an extinct animal in Florida). The vibrant colors in the material it was/is made from fuels the petroleum industries, driving the market of...

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