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- Recommendations – Make your recommendations as specific as possible. Include details. For example: ■ Weak: “To meet her need for belongingness/affiliation, I would appoint Felicia to a team.” ■ Stronger: “To meet her need for belongingness/affiliation, Felicia should be appointed to the Warehouse Quality Improvement Team. Team members include X, Y, and Z. Benefits of relationships with these contacts include…Team leader will be asked to mentor Felicia for possible succession to the role of facilitator. Per Theory A, these actions will contribute to Felicia’s sense of belongingness by…”

Notice how in the above example, the writing has eliminated first person pronouns by rephrasing.

- Sources – Use APA to cite/reference and other sources. Use the skills learned in weeks 4 and 5. Go to your online library. Find academic scholarly peer reviewed articles to support and justify all opinions. Back-up opinions and observations with the experts. Paraphrase all. No quotes are allowed.

HEADINGS AND TOPIC SENTENCES: To ensure full credit, do not include the boldface headings that appear in the outlines for your papers. Be sure, however, that you do outline as you plan your paper. Planning is a key to success. Also remember that all papers in your 571 class must be submitted to GROWS before submitting for grading. Manage your time accordingly.

Papers that do not include APA formatted headings may be returned for correction. Late penalties may apply.

Submission of Assignment and Evaluation

Please submit this final as a Word attachment in the digital Dropbox by 11:59 on the indicated Sunday. - You will receive a grade and feedback within 72 hours from the due date and time. - Twenty percent (20%) of your grade is based on the quality of your writing and eighty percent (80%) is based on the quality of...

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