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Being a Leader

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4. Results and Findings 1. Understand the organisational requirements for a Leader
1.1 Identify organisational requirements for respecting the cultures, values, and ethics of others
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to being an organisation where diversity is valued and appreciated, regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, faith or religion, civil partnership or marriage, pregnancy or maternity. The Trust recognises that everyone is different, valuing the unique contribution that individual experience brings. Knowledge and skills can make a difference when delivering service goals. This should be visible and apparent at all levels of the organisation. Service provision and staff needs are provided regardless of diversity.

The Trust’s priority is to continue to develop and change its organisational culture by showing true commitment in providing appropriate training and information for all staff, in order to raise awareness of equality and diversity.

The Trust therefore expects its staff, patients and visitors to act in accordance with the principles that are embedded within the organisation values. The Trust has developed a number of other policies in support of a culture free from unfair bias, discrimination and harassment.

1.2 Describe the levels of authority and responsibility of a leader in the organisation

First-line managers operate their departments. They assign tasks, manage work flow, monitor the quality of work, deal with employee problems, and keep the middle managers and executive managers informed of problems and successes at ground level in the organisation. While executive managers are planning corporate strategy and middle managers are establishing budgets and planning how to carry out corporate strategy, the first-line manager is managing the people who perform…...

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