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Czarina Miara O. Raña Ms. Valera COM32 I. Rationale Volunteers wish to assist others in life, rather than just themselves. The benefit volunteers receive is a mere personal satisfaction in knowing they have helped out others. There are many ways to volunteer which doesn't require much on your part, but for the people it helps, it would mean the world. Today's generation has a lot more distractions than previous generations. Yet despite our busy schedules, most young people still find time to get involved with their community. I believe that everyone, especially the more fortunate, has a certain obligation to give back to their community. II. Program The Lasallian Community Development Center (LCDC), guided by the La Sallian values, is the lead unit of De La Salle University-Dasmariñas in initiating community development endeavors geared towards social development. The Lasallian Community Development Center, plan services, run support, increase people's skills, resourcing the community to meet needs, improve quality of life, defining priorities, and empowering individuals and communities. It does build up confidence to tackle such problems as effectively as any local action can. LCDC seeks to enable individuals and communities to grow and change according to their own needs and priorities. III. Beneficiary LCDC distributed a quantity of school supplies to students and teachers attending the ( ) The project wants to empower and encourage the students to strive for excellence, must fulfill their responsibilities and become future leaders. IV. Discussion Far too often, area Maragondon school families are unable to afford the many school supplies needed to equip their children. In order to assist this school, students and teachers; donations and contributions are needed from the community. In order to help our students in Maragondon area, school supply donations are needed desperately. That’s why LCDC conduct an activity in giving away school supplies for the students and teachers of Maragondon. To start with, although some school supplies should be bought by the children’s parents, you will find staple items that each class room should have at all times. It is also helpful in case a student forgets to bring his or her supplies at school or was not able to purchase the things needed in class. The examples of these are items like notebook, pad paper, crayons, sharpener, pencils, and so on. There is also handouts, test papers and questionnaires, chalks, white board markers, erasers and more included for the teacher’s supplies. V. Conclusion Volunteering keeps me active. It’s an opportunity to help others and I enjoy the association of fellow volunteers and staff. I have learned that being a volunteer, we should sacrifice our time and energy, but most of all it’s all about gaining experiences and a sense of achievement from the people we help. One of the benefits of volunteerism is meeting different people. Based on what I’ve experienced, I learn how to participate with other LCDC members, although it’s my first time meeting with them. They’re actually nice and good to be with. Volunteer does not just mean helping others but it also gives a chance for us to learn. In addition, by volunteering in your field of interest you will have the opportunity to learn new ways to approach different problems, and you will gain valuable work experience in a new environment. Finally, although volunteerism uses up our time and energy, when a mission is completed, we will feel happy, contented, and blessed and also begin to reflect on what you want from life. I volunteer because there is such is great need in our community for people that need help. My heart just goes out to them. That is my main reason to be a volunteer. VI. Documentation

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