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Beliefs About Binge Drinking and Related Violence

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Beliefs about Binge Drinking and related violence

This study was designed to understand the beliefs people hold about binge drinking and related violence. 342 Males and 436 females who came from various cultures, backgrounds, education levels, and relationship status participated in a survey comprised of demographical and socio-demographic questions. The hypothesis for this study was partially upheld as it was hypothesized that age, gender, being European, how many times in the course of a typical month an individual would consume more than four standard drinks on a single occasion, and had the individual been a victim or know a victim of binge drinking related violence would show a positive correlation with the criterions ‘Frequency and Severity’, and ‘Interventions’. However, gender did not yield a positive correlation when examining ‘Frequency and Severity’. When ‘Interventions ‘were examined only age, gender, and drinking patterns showed a positive correlation. An individual’s age and drinking pattern appears to be the most significant predictors when considering binge drinking and related violence beliefs.

Beliefs about Binge Drinking and Related Violence
The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2004) has described binge drinking as the consumption of over four drinks for men and three drinks for women. Binge drinking, which is most common among adolescents and young adults, has been associated with violent acts such as domestic violence, death, rape and sexual assault (Bellis et al., 2005). Though the issue of sexual violence against men is increasingly becoming a problem the majority of these acts involve men who have been binge drinking and assaulting women, who may also have been binge drinking (Schumacher, Fals-Stewart & Leonard, 2003). Binge drinking has been found to be a risk factor for perpetrating violence as well as...

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