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Assignment: PRESENTATION and handout
For your oral exam, you will be working as a corporate analyst for your teacher. Your main responsibility will be to develop a feasibility study outlining the parameters for possible future investment in your chosen company. This process is called Due Diligence: essentially, you will play the role of an objective third party. This means that your only loyalty is to an objective account of the current state of affairs. You are to choose a company and have it approved by your teacher. You will then be responsible for analyzing the company and making recommendations either for or against future investment. You will have to defend your analysis. Remember: you are working for your teacher, not for the company: Due Diligence requires objectivity!
This assignment is graded and your marks count for 5 points of your final marks. You will receive a group mark, both for content and presentation and for your performance in English.
First, you must select the company you are going to analyze (week 24 – groups have to be formed by week 23) and have it approved by your teacher. To be included in your analysis are the following:
- SWOT-analysis
- Legal Status (pending contracts, current litigation)
- Financial Status (accounting, cash reserves, recent/future investments, share price)
- IT (systems involved, recent updates, future plans)
- Marketing (Strategies, competitors)
- Operations (management, supply/distribution networks)
- Environmental Liabilities (current costs, future projections, environmental planning)
Remember: your job is to analyze the company for a potential investor, and thus you should be able to give clear advice and objective arguments for your opinions.
Second, you will write a handout of your presentation. This handout is a coherent document, summarizing the basic content of your presentation, which...

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