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INTRODUCTION 1. John Ashley’s Essay Paper on Benjamin Franklin

The goal of this essay paper is to discuss key ways that Ben Franklin presents his story as an illustration of self-improvement. After reading of this man’s life, I firmly believe that he is one of America’s greatest heroes. If not for the self-sacrifices made from Ben, from his early age and throughout his life, then the face of America would be of a different nature. This is the understanding that I received from his writings about the moral fortitudes of a man unwilling to just settle with whatever was happening around him.

My Essay

Self-improvement is an often presented theme in the works of Benjamin Franklin’s life and writings. Through his charming demeanor, Benjamin Franklin won over the socialites of France. Benjamin gained their admiration, by wearing his rustic fur cap, which the French considered to be the quintessential symbol of rugged Americanism.(Meltzer Page 3). He was quoted saying, "Figure me in your mind as jolly as formerly and as strong and hearty only a few years older; very plainly dressed, wearing my thin gray straight hair that peeps out under my only coiffure, a fine fur cap which comes down to my forehead almost to my spectacles. The self-improvement that is so often spoken of by Ben Franklin is, I believe, that of just saying or doing whatever is needed to get the end result needed for a certain situation. He was a people person with the ability to read people and understand what they needed over what they wanted. As a young boy, Ben Franklin was smarter than the average kid. He seemed very inept to the education systems of the modern world. As such, he was able to learn reading and writing.…...

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