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Silva Case study 5

1. New Belgium has effectively used integrated marketing communications over the first 20 years. Evaluate the use of one major advertising campaign to fortify and enhance the company’s brand image. 2. NBB seemed to agonize over the use of the word “folly” in its advertising campaign. What do you make of the company’s struggle with this decision? Also, how do you personally feel about the use of their word? 3. New Belgium’s focus on stain ability, whimsy, and fun is clearly rooted in its Colorado-based culture and the ethos of its founders and employees. As New Belgium’s distribution continues to expand away from the locale, how can the company make its branding and messaging respond with customers in different parts of the country? 4. Currently, New Belgium has been much more successful using social media than competitors Boston Brewing CO. and Sierra Nevada. Evaluate how social media has contributed to the firm’s marketing strategy, and make suggestions for the use of social media in the future.

New Belgium did an amazing job of using word of mouth as integrated marketing. This has been there number one form of advertising since its early days. New Belgium also did community events, and factory tours. New Belgium struck gold in the social networking industry. They really took the time tip infiltrate an ever-growing industry of social media to help their business grow. The major advertising campaign they used was a TV ad. They took a great deal of time in making sure all the pieces to puzzle where in place; they did not rush into production. They hired Dr. Douglas Holt, a cultural branding expert. Then they hired a marketing firm, Amalgamated, and set a restrictive budget. Keeping to their manifesto, and their there true image they did not do a big fishy campaign. It was straight back to their roots where...

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