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Beneficial Sport Activities There are numerous benefits that you can obtained as a child or adult through the involvement of sport activities. These benefits are a significant characteristic and representation of our choices, responsibilities, and actions. Every skill you learned while in sports can be used to build positive structure and character. Sport activities involve physical benefits, personal benefits, and social benefits. These featured benefits apply to both sexes and people of all ages. Although an assistant professor of sociology, at Wittenburg University in Ohio, states, “Participating in athletics helps students perform well in academically during high school more than any other extracurricular activity.” According to an article on the Webitse, she explains, “They benefit developmentally in terms of building self-confidence and self- esteem and the ability to problem-solve; they develop socially in that they build relationships with students and teachers and parents that can act as resources for them in terms of their academics.” Being involved in sports as a young child can help build a foundation for cooperative play, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. It is extremely beneficial to participate with sports in your childhood. The article, “The Amazing Benefits of Sports For Kids,” simply expresses that researches indicate that sports help children develop physical skill, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn to play as a member of a team, learn to play fair, and improve self- esteem. Being involved with sports as a child gives you the ability to get along and be accepted by your parents, coaches, and friends. Childhood sports gives an individual belief to be capable, significant, successful, and worthy. Also as a child, watching professional athletes and role-models gives us confidence and makes our sport skills appear more achievable. The article, “The Amazing Benefits of Sports For Kids,” also uncovers that researchers and data shows that young children learn to manage their social competence through the feedback received from their sport supervisors. In this case, children discover how to control their competitive actions in social activities and environments. This article also illustrates that our children’s self-esteem is developed and increased from their skills and abilities, along with our positive compliments and feedbacks. As a parent it is beneficial to remember the importance that all attitudes and behaviors exposed to a child in sports carries over into adult life. Participating in sports as a child will give you the understanding on how to play fair and not to be selfish to others. Childhood sports helps the child develop good sportsmanship. Also helping your child to handle disappointments and losing will prepare an individual for any disappointments in the future. Sport activities is also very healthy for children and can keep them physically fit. Sports in high school helps academic achievements and also increases social status in your and other schools. Gaining social status and popularity will promote a strong engagement in the educational environment. This would cause a lower risk for the child to fail school and dropping out. When sports first began it was a male entertainment activity. Although today there are thousands of female sport teams though out the world. On the website, an article titled, “Equality in Sports Participation Benefits All, Says Expert Girls Benefit in Academic and Professional Life,” explains that landmark civil rights legislation banned sex discrimination in U.S. schools, both academic subjects and in athletics in 1972. This new law is also known as “Title 1X.” The article reads that this law led to a dramatic increase in female sport participation at elementary schools, secondary school levels, and also colleges. At an interview with the press media, an assistant professor of sociology at Wittenberg University in Ohio, Beckett Broh, quotes, “Title 1X has provided many opportunities for young girls and women to advance in a whole range of new areas. At the same time, the prevailing philosophy is that student development is much more than their intellectual being and that their development emotionally and development socially impacts their ability to maximize their intellectual capabilities.” In other words, one educational philosophy is that student education development is more significant than their activity sport skills. Including that social and emotional issues impact their full ability to reach their intellectual capabilities. This would explain why sport activities in schools are strict on their students GPA. In 2007, studies have been published that some long-term benefits of sports showed that playing on high school sport teams increased a young women’s chances of graduating from college by forty-one percent. At the same interview, Beckett Broh says, “That study should be taken into account if schools are considering cutting athletic programs in an era of tight budgets.” She also added, “Girls who play sports in school are less likely to get pregnant outside of marriage, they are more likely to have higher incomes. So long-term benefits have definitely been documented.” In the article on, Beckett tells her concern on the damages of careers on female coaches after “Title 1X,” took affect. The explains that after “Title 1X,” numberless female coaches were replaced by male coaches and the equality on female and male athletics is unbalanced. Broh states, “When we say we take away from male athletics, we fail to look at the benefits to men as well as to women when we create equality. All the research shows that the greater the equality between men and women, the greater the outcomes for both. The economy does better, families do better, everybody does better.” Athletic sports offer great benefits to both males and females. Although both also deal with a mandatory goal, which is developing academics before athletic skills. This conflict is faced at school and home. A young girl, named Ericka Predmore, is currently competing at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas and also on a full ride scholarship for soccer. She is published in the article, “Study Show Benefits of Women in Sports,” mentions, “I love playing soccer, but my grandmother wouldn’t let me play if my grades dropped.” In this article, it also elaborates how schools are more focused on academic GPA before any athletic activity. Such as coaches and teachers. William Miller who is a well experienced coach says, “I believe that many females are successful academically due in part to the discipline and work ethic they’ve had in high school runners.” He also mentions that he has seen just about all of his athletes go on to complete college, regardless if they continue to complete in athletic sports. In comparison to a coach named Chris Chilcoat, at Provo High School, he comments that students learn a good work ethic and individuals are able to see rewards for all the hard work they put in sports. He quotes, “This hard work is a good life skill that helps them as they continue in other important pursuits, whether they continue in sports.” Kirsten Swenson attends BYU and does not take swimming class in college, although she competed in swimming high school competitions for three years. She claims, “Experiences like that are beneficial to everyone throughout life.” She also added, “I think it makes you more dedicated and motivated in every aspect.” Kirsten tells her experience and skills obtained through high school sport activities. She explains, “It had a positive affect because it forced me to manage my time better. I could dedicate time to my studies better. ” In conclusion, sport activities can increase our skills, and offer a wide variety of physical benefits, personal benefits, and social benefits. Also Beckett Broh, Ericka Predmore, and Kirsten Swenson are all perfect examples of the positive results from “Title 1X.” Which is that girls who participate in I high school sports are forty-one percent more likely to graduate from college, whether they continue sports or not, than the girls who do not graduate. Ericka Predmore came to conclusion that, “Athletics motivate students to do better in school.” This teaches an individual good structure, how to be organized, and manage time wisely. It also offers the individual great character and responsibility. Along with gaining attention and respect by their natural abilities. In an article titled, “The Benefits of Youth Sports,” it explains in detail the benefits offered by sports. The major reason why sports is so significant is because it offers so many benefits. There are a large number of benefits you can receive from sports. If you were to ask an athlete why are they interested in sports, their answer would most likely to succeed or win, to become physically fit, to learn or improve their skills, to make friends, and/or to have fun. There are so many significant and beneficial reasons to participate in sports. According to, “The Benefits of Youth Sports,” it is proven that researchers at the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, at Michigan State University, show data that kids who participate in organized sports do better in school, have better interpersonal skills, are more team oriented, and generally healthier. The article, “The Benefits of Youth Sports,” also reads participating in sports provides opportunities for leadership and socialization, as well as the development of skills for handling success and failure. As a child in sport activities, it shows the child how rules are applied and needed for a game to operate in safe conditions. Along with showing them how to manage their completion when winning or losing. Sport activities offers several physical benefits. These benefits include physical fitness, which establishes long life habits for good health. Stress relief is also offered by sports. These is great for clearing the mind for academic or social pressures. Along with mastering your talents. Being involved in a sport that you are interested in will give you the ability to build your talents and skills. Sports also offer a few personal benefits. Valuing preparation is a great benefit from sports. This gives kids the knowledge to distinguish between effort and ability. By sees their performance, it increases self-discipline and the awareness of the value of preparation. Athletes also find ways to deal with losing and go one with little or no disappointment. They also learn that they have control over their attitudes and that positive attitudes improves their performance. Identity and balance is a significant reason to join a sport. Sports make feel students they belong, whether its with a professional team or just a few group of kids. Sports also reveal a stable identity with particular values. Time Management is a extreme benefit offered by sports. This gives athletes the ability to manage their time wisely and productively. Social benefits gives people great relationships with others. It also shows them how to cooperate with one another efficiently. They also gain a good relationship with adults. Sports gives you the opportunity to meet new people with different or alike backgrounds. This gives them a great chance to build their social skills and meet new people in a comfortable manner.

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Prince Sports Case Study

...Prince Sports is an original sports equipment retailer that offers many different products for tennis, squash, racquetball, badminton and paddle tennis. The companies’ tennis products consist of more than 150 racquets, 50 footwear models and 50 tennis strings, as well as bags apparel and other accessories. Prince Sports focuses on continuing to meet the needs of athletes of all levels and ages. There are many methods of marketing to various demographics and cultures with many contrasting variables that contributes to the increase or decrease in resulting sales. The key players involved in Prince Sports are Linda Glassel the vice president of sports marketing and brand image, Nick Skally the senior marketing manager and Tyler Herring global business director for performance of tennis racquets. The major challenges that Prince Sports is experiencing are trying to stay ahead of the curve in this fast passed changing marketing world. The 21st century delivers with it many changes to marketing strategies for businesses. Cultural changes and demographic shifts have led to a higher health consciousness; this then spurs widespread interest in many various sports such as tennis. For this company, technological and social trends have built new outlets for marketing such as online advertisements, social media and e-commerce. Outlets such as social media and new devices such as tablets, smartphones and other portable computers have led to a higher connection among users; therefore......

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